Mohini Theevu by Kalki | A brief book review

Hey folks! Welcome back to the reader’s corner. In this blog post, I am going to share my review of one of the most enjoyed books on my reading list. The title of the book is “MOHINI THEEVU” by KALKI. So, let’s get into the review.

About the book and the author

The book MOHINI THEEVU was written by great author Kalki Krishnamoorthy in 1950. He is a great author, poet, and also well known for his historical fiction. Speaking of the book, it is a very short book comprising only 46 pages. It comes under historical fiction.

Mohini Theevu by Kalki

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Description of the book, MOHINI THEEVU

It is a story of the great Cholas and the Pandyas. In very simple words, it is a short romantic novel of prince Sugumaran Cholan and princess Buvanamohini how destiny has sowed the seeds of love between them.

How did I land on this book?

To be very honest, I was ordering a book for my pal and the website said that my order was not eligible for free shipping then I went in search of another book for myself so that I could reach the amount sufficient for free shipping. At that instant, I found this book. And also, I read the book on International Mother Language Day, quite delighted about it!!

mohini theevu
A quick read by the bay!

My view on the book

“Mohini Theevu” is a very crisp and gripping story that leads us to finish it in one go. The author Kalki has never failed to make me feel wow! His works are as it will make us fall in love with the way the love is depicted. We know that the concept of love in the good olden days of kings and empires is joyful, tough, heartbreaking, but not complicated as of now. In love, there will be first sight, romance, poetic conversations, patience, fights, misunderstanding, confidences, braveness, etc each of these things will be shown beautifully by Kalki in his works.
The portrayal of each character and word built in this story is exquisite. When the author delivers the emotions like happy, sad, shy, angry, guilty, it makes me feel and experience them. and only a few authors can make the readers feel like that. Kalki is one of them. One more thing which I found very attractive is the way the author has delineated the nature’s beauty is wonderful. The plot of the story is also very engaging and riveting.

Overall the story is very engrossing, thrilling and, romantic. If you are searching for a pretty short story for the quick afternoon or evening read “Mohini Theevu” is my suggestion. Because why not, when LOVE is all over in the air we breathe!

Happy reading!!


In case if you are looking to buy this book, let me make it easier. Here is the Amazon link for this book. Click, buy, and enjoy reading. Link – Mohini Theevu.

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Mohini Theevu by Kalki | A brief book review

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