Hi, Welcome to Diarytale. Come, read to know a little further about me and this website!


Hello, I am Preethi Anandan, a freelance blogger, and the content creator of diarytale. I am based in Tamil Nadu, India, and am an engineering graduate. Interested in illustrating, writing, and also, reading books.

I am having a deep love of gardening. For me, a home without a single plant is not a home at all. I like gazing at the flowers blooming and watching plants grow each day. Due to the lack of space, I started terrace gardening, years back. And it turned out successful. I am still learning, the art of gardening from my mother and grandmother.

I am very fond of traveling to different destinations. Each time I travel, I come back home with beautiful memories. Either it is a short trip like an hour from home or abroad. Also, I like narrating stories. Travel & stories, are a good combination right?

So, I found the idea of writing a blog to collaborate all my passion in one single place.


As a result of bringing down all my passion in one single place, We found Diarytale on 22nd October 2016.

Diarytale is originally a blog that narrates all the joy of watching a plant growing from its seeds, stories of the fun-filled exploration of new places, ideas behind my illustrations, budget-friendly home decor ideas, DIY art and crafts, and many other things.

We also feature some good stories, fun contests, cool challenges and catch up with our subscribers via Diarytale’s newsletters.

In short, Diarytale focuses on

  • Gardening,
  • Travel stories,
  • Simple budget-oriented crafts,
  • DIY home decor,
  • Easy artworks,
  • other interesting stuff.

So stick with us, along the journey, and let’s have fun together!


We are open to collaborations and work for commissions.

For business queries, drop an email at

Thanks for checking us!

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