Top 5 Easy Indoor Plants To Start This Year | My 2021 Favorites


Hello folks. I hope you all are doing well. I am very excited to write this post because this is my first post for this year, and secondly, it’s my favorite topic to discuss. You all know how I love plants, and in this blog post, I am going to discuss my top 5 favorite indoor plants. Let’s start.

My love for indoor plants

I am basically ‘a crazy plant lady girl’. Especially indoor plants. I have a collection of beautiful indoor plants and I am still collecting them. Indoor plants are usually a little easy to grow and care for. It gives life to our space and makes us happy.

Every plant in my garden both indoor and outdoor are my favorites. It is very hard for me to list them as best-loved ones. But still, in this post, I am sharing with you my most recent favorites among many. (since I can’t post every plant in my garden as it takes time and it will be a very long post to read too!) In this post, I am listing 5 plants and, I am hoping to feature every other plant in my garden, very soon in the upcoming posts. So, stay tuned.

indoor plants
My favorite indoor plants

The 5 recent favorite indoor plants.


This Ivy plant is a recent addition to my collection. I always wanted an ivy (at least a common ivy, which I thought will be easy to find) and waited for a long time. I searched for it, in many nurseries and failed to find one. But to my good luck, I got it as a gift. That too, a VARIGATED ONE.

Beautiful variegation of ivy leaves.

Algerian ivy is called Hedera canariensis or variegated English ivy. This plant is a slow-growing plant that is very easy to care for.

indoor plants
Variegated English ivy

It needs indirect sunlight and must water only when the soil dries.


I love all varieties of aglaonema. All plants in their family have beautiful foliage. I got my eyes stuck with the red ones.

indoor plants
Red aglaonema

The red-lined leaves are its main attraction. This plant thrives in partial to full shade. They like moist soil, not a soggy one.

indoor plants
Mine is a tiny plant, with a small shoot coming up.

Also, I like to mist and wipe its leaves often to remove dust or dirt in them. They are so attractive and stand distinct from other green foliage plants in my collection.


Pothos are so common that I see them in almost all the places I am visiting. They are my all-time favorite. And I treasure two varieties with me. One is golden pothos and the other is pothos N joy.

indoor plants
The golden pothos with nice variegations.

If you are very new to indoor gardening, then I strongly recommend pothos. They are very easy to care for and also to propagate. Mainly they tolerate almost all kinds of environments like the partial, semi, or full shade spots. Also, it thrives over or under-watering situations.

Golden pothos and pothos N joy

Pothos also called Epipremnum aureum are vining plants. You can use a moss stick or you can plant them in hanging pots. I will write a detailed post on how to maintain bushy pothos in a separate post.

indoor plants
Do you have pothos in your garden?


Tradescantia zebrina is the other name for wandering jew plant. “ZEBRINA” because it has its leaves similar to zebra stripes.

The wandering jew plant.

I got this plant this new year and soon became my gem with its attractive shiny striped leaves. This indoor vining plant loves bright indirect sunlight.

How many colors did you see in this plant?

The beauty of wandering jew is its dual-colored leaves. On one side it has stripes, green and white combination. On the other side, it is rose-purple in color.


One of the best air purifiers is Syngonium. It is hard to kill plants which means, it is very easy to grow and maintain. Also known as the arrowhead plant, named because of its leaf structure.

White Butterfly Syngonium

Mine is the white butterfly Syngonium which has very subtle pale green leaves. I love the foliage and its bushy nature. It is also a vining plant, you can use moss sticks.

indoor plants
Beautiful subtle colored plant,

It loves bright indirect sunlight and dries out the soil between each watering.

So, here are some of my recent darlings from my garden. If you are a newbie, start with any of the plants from the list. Most of them are hard-to-kill varieties. Do let me know which one is your favorite from today’s post in the comment section below.

Did you notice the pretty red-bordered leaves?

If you are already owning an indoor garden, do tell me if we share the same favorite list or tell about your favorite plant in the comments below.

Happy Gardening!

I have also included the video down below, for all the video lovers out there.


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Top 5 Easy Indoor Plants To Start This Year | My 2021 Favorites

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  1. I like this article very much, I want to suggest you few best indoor plants,Achieve a zen-like ambiance with these serene and calming indoor plants. Their tranquil presence brings a sense of peace to your surroundings, creating a retreat from the hustle and bustle of life.

  2. Plants placed inside the house made me feels cooling and relaxing. Very informative and useful tips about indoor plants with excellent presentation. Looking forward to lot more article about indoor plant and how to use them for kitchen, Living room and more. Thanks for sharing ideas and such informative article.

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    1. Thank you for your time and appreciation. I am sure, will do more posts on indoor plants soon. Stay tuned.

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