The Ponniyin Selvan by Kalki.

Hey folks! I welcome you all to the reader’s corner. In this blog, I am going to share my reading experience. So here is the first book PONNIYIN SELVAN.

A brief about Ponniyin Selvan.

The book, Ponniyin Selvan was written by great author Kalki Krishnamoorthy in the 1950s. This book complies with five parts. This novel was published as a story in a weekly magazine and it took around three and a half years to complete.

The 5 parts of the Novel.

The Great story and the Great language.

PONNIYIN SELVAN is a great boon for the readers. This book is such a great glory to Tamil literature. I personally felt that this book is a treasure for me and even if I read for a dozen times, I won’t get bored with this story. So, to start, I totally don’t know where to start because it is a humongous book full of great descriptions. This book does not come under a single genre because it depicts happiness, sadness, trust, friendship, loyalty, sacrifice, betrayal, love, romance, adventure, thriller, humor, spirituality, etc. Since this book falls under historical fiction it becomes my piece of cake.

While I was reading, I traveled with each character I became one among them. I felt my presence in each scene like I felt I was one of the soldiers in their huge army, the other time I felt like a spy and like a trustworthy friend, finally I became a part of everything that I read.

The Poems

The author made the characters with a strong personality that made us believe the viability of such characters during the ancient period. There are many things that attracted me to this book one of such things is the author tells the emotions of the character through small poems and sonnets which serve their purpose appropriately.

This is one such poem sung by one of the female protagonists in this novel.

The Characters and the cliff hangers.

The other thing which attracts me the most is the author always ends the chapter with a cliffhanger which makes the reader pursue reading without any pause. I was very much astonished by the author’s vision of how great it was and the way he links the events. The way the author Kalki spins the story was amazing. He had a mammoth vision about the great Chola kingdom which was shown in his works. The way he depicts the women characters adds beauty to his work. Coming to the characters which I liked the most are Vanthiyadevan, Aazhvarkadiyan, Kundhavai, Arulmozhivarman, Ponkuzali, Aniruddha, Nandhini, and some minor characters.

My Thoughts On This Book.

This book, Ponniyin Selvan paved the way to find the gigantic door which made me live in the golden periods of the great Cholas… I am very grateful for the author and for his immense knowledge of the language. I will be forever indebted to the idea of writing this book because of which we got a great script. Wholeheartedly, I am recommending this book to all the readers because this is one of such books which had and having an enormous number of reads. I advise the readers to buy the copy which has illustrations which make the read more interesting.

How I landed here.

Speaking of how I landed in this book is that this book was on my Want To Read list for a very long time. Actually, I decided to read this voluminous script during my 10th grade but due to academics, I was totally distracted. But this quarantine has helped me to pursue this read. Honestly speaking at first it was very difficult for me to read this book because I didn’t read any Tamil scripts for the past three years so I started very slowly and as days went by, I picked the track. When I started to read, my mom was tempted so she too joined me. It was like we both read in one book but at different times. It was very much fun to read the same book and discuss it during tea and dinner times around the table.

Ponniyin Selvan just doesn’t go with me;  it took me to the places where I have never been…

Basically, it took around 25 days to complete this stupendous script. I am very happy that I read this book. I wish you all to read this book at least once in a lifetime.



In case if you are looking to buy this book, let me make it easier. Here is the Amazon link for this book. Click, buy, and enjoy reading. Link – Ponniyin Selvan Book.

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The Ponniyin Selvan by Kalki.

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    1. Hi! you can buy books with illustrations online or in book stores. I got my copy from the book fair. If you want the Eform of these books, check in the kindle.

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