Kalvanin kadhali by Kalki Krishnamoorthy | A Brief Review

Hey folks! Welcome back to the reader’s corner. In this blog post, I would like to share yet another book by my favorite author. One from the thrill romantic genre. Kalvanin Kadhali. It’s going to be a short review! Let’s dive in.


About the book

The book KALVANIN KADHALI by Kalki Krishnamoorthy was one of the non-historical novels. This story was serialized in the magazine Anandha-Vikatan in 1937. Due to the vast response from the readers, this novel was published as a book in 1954. Later, this story was adapted into a film.

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Description of the book

Kalvanin kadhali is a story of Muthaiyan who lives with his sister in a small village called Poonkulam. There he meets Kalyani and falls for her. Due to Muthaiyan’s financial status, Kalyani’s father plans her wedding with someone affluent and wealthy person than Muthaiyan. So, he plans to go away from Poongkulam to another village where he got a job. On account of some evil fated events, he gets in police custody and escapes. Later, he transforms into a thief. Even after her marriage, Kalyani remains steadfast in her love. So, Muthaiyan decides to change the course of his life. By doing so, he does not know what fate has in its store for him. To learn if Muthaiyan and Kalyani lived a happy life or not, read the entire book.

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My view on Kalvanin Kadhali

Firstly, the story is captivating and enthralling. The character building is excellent that made the characters powerful. Along with that, the word building is also good that makes the readers read the story continuously. This book is my very first read of Kalki’s non-historical fiction works. I admire his writings. He is one of the authors who can portray a little event with vast descriptions. He adds more details to the scene.

Kalvanin Kadhali
Kalvanin Kadhali by Kalki.

Few things I admire from this story

I have found yet another attribute of great Kalki. If you have read some of his works, you will notice this. Before he introduces a character, he gives a detailed description of the background scene in which the character enters. The way he describes every little thing is pure bliss for the readers.
Secondly, the description of the place ‘Poongkulam’ is magnificent. By reading the description of Poongkulam in this story, at different seasons, made me want to visit that place. I don’t know whether such a place exists. But if it exists, it will be exactly described by the author. Such a beautiful representation was given on the very first page that encouraged me to read ahead.

Attractive portions

Kalki’s writing is enticing because of many things. One of the many notable things is ending the chapters at cliffhangers. This strategy will build up the eagerness and curiousness within us to read ahead.
The author made me wait!

Then, after completing the chapter that has a cliff-hanger, with the same eagerness when we read the next chapter, he won’t break the ice immediately. He describes the entire scenario. To pass this, we need utmost patience. This phase even builds the eagerness to its peak.

Besides the story, I equally enjoyed the descriptions that take place in between the twists and turns. This quote by the author has my heart. It may look so simple but, it has a deep meaning.

Without any doubt, we know that
the benefit of good is pleasure,
the result of evil is suffering.
But it is not easy to determine
which is good,
which is bad,
what is happiness
and what is sorrow.

To summarize, if you are looking for a thriller and romantic novel to beat boredom, this is my choice. It keeps you stuck with the story. Tell us how you liked our review of the book in the comment box.

Happy Reading!


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Kalvanin kadhali by Kalki Krishnamoorthy | A Brief Review

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