Solaimalai Illavarasi by Kalki Krishnamoorthy | a brief review | Spoiler-free.

Hey folks! Welcome back to the reader’s corner. In this blog post, I would like to take you all back to the period of the monarchy and pre-independence at the same time through nations, treason, love, patriotism, thrills, fights, etc. Here is the review of the book called Solaimalai Illavarasi by Kalki Krishnamoorthy. Let’s dive in.


About the book

The book “Solaimalai Illavarasi” was written by the author Kalki Krishnamoorthy. This novel comes under historical fiction that has published in 1947. This book is very short consist of 192 pages. This book is available in paperback and ebook formats.


The novel Solaimalai Illavarasi is a story of two couples one is historical couple Maaranendhal Illavarasan Ullaganatha Devar and Solaimalai Illavarasi Maanickavalli and a contemporary couple Kumaralinga Devar and Ponnammaal. The two stories are perpendicular to each other. The thing which intersects their story decides their fate.

How I picked this book?

The very first thing that attracted me to the book is simply the name of the author itself. I picked this book from the book fair held in Chennai 2021. It is one of the books from the Tamil book pile.

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My view on this book

Firstly, the cover of the book is striking. Once completing the book, I understand the theme or the pictures on the cover page. The sketch is brilliant.

Solaimalai Illavarasi
Solaimalai Illavarasi by Kalki.

Secondly, the print quality, font size, the paper used to print the story are appreciable. It encourages the readers to continue reading without any disturbances. I know people will question how these factors affect anyone reading. For those people, I would like to tell them that these are the factors that contribute to the outer look of the book that eventually attracts many readers. So, it is always better to select such books.
Coming to the story, I am a fan of the author Kalki. After reading some of his works, I blindly picked this book and started to read it. The story is thrilling at the same time romantic as well. The story has brilliant descriptions of the sun, moon, stars, forests, palace, and the contemporary Indian countrysides with ponds that will attract anyone to read the book. Mainly it is written in simple language.

Few admiring things in Kalki’s writing

The thing that I always found in Kalki’s writing is the way he connects the chapters. Because his novels consist of many characters, it has many events to connect with the main story. If it doesn’t connect accordingly, it fails as a story to the readers. Author Kalki has mastered the art of bridging the chapters.
Finally, coming to the characters, they are well portrayed, which fits precisely for the story. My favorite is the historical couple. Once again, Kalki has proved that imagination has no limits.

So, dear readers, if you need a good, crisp thriller and a romantic novel, Solaimalai Illavarasi by Kalki Krishnamoorthy is a good choice. This book will effortlessly sort your afternoon boredom. Read and tell us your views on this book.

Happy Reading!


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Solaimalai Illavarasi by Kalki Krishnamoorthy | a brief review | Spoiler-free.

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