Hey folks! Welcome back to the reader’s corner. Previously, I have shared my views on how to start reading. In this blog post, I would like to share my insight on how to select a book for beginners. Without any delay, let us dive in.
P.S. The following insights are not only for beginners but also for all readers. Especially for the readers who are running in the maze called reader’s slump.


Here are the 10 tips on how to select a book for beginners, to help you kickstart your reading habit!  If you are a beginner, we have already written a post on “How to start reading books?” previously. In case you are interested, click the link – Reading books.

1. Read the blurb of the book.

My first and foremost tip for selecting a book is to read the blurb of the book. Blurb is nothing but the description or synopsis of the book. The blurb usually is printed on the back cover of the book in the paperbacks. While in the hardcover, the blurb is on the folding of the bookcase. The reason why this tip tops the list is that the blurb tells what is inside the book. If the blurb catches your interest, the other factors (like the total number of pages, languages) don’t count. So, you will read the book.

how to start reading a book
Frontpage (left image) of the book and its blurb or description of the book on the backside (right image).

2. One punch at a time

For beginners, I always recommend starting to read by selecting a lightweight book. Because there are books that are as fat as a pillow. I will suggest the readers accord your new habit, one punch at a time. And remember, books are not going anywhere. You can read them anytime. So, start with the lighter ones.

Light book both in content/tone and also has minimum no of pages.

3. Check the book thoroughly!

Before start reading a book, check the total number of pages of the book. Because very rarely, there will be printing errors. Sometimes the last chapters will be missing or, in the middle of the book, some pages will be missing. So, it is always better to check the number of pages before reading a book.

how to select a book
Check whether the book has an end!

4. Probe the genre

We, readers, are blessed with a variety of genres in the books. There are children’s books, teen fiction, fantasy, young adult books, romance, thriller, horror, humor, comics, graphic novels, science fiction, non-fiction like biographies, autobiographies, memoir, self-help books, health and wellness books, travelogues, etc. If you need a change in your reading pattern, choose from another genre. Change is the only thing inevitable in our life. We need changes so that we could explore more things in life.

We have listed 11 books as recommendations for beginners in a separate post. Books in almost all genres. Do check out, if you are interested.

LINK – 11 books recommendation for beginners.

5. Mode of reading

Nowadays, books are releasing in three modes. They are paperbacks, hardcovers, and eBooks. So, once again, readers have options in choosing the mode. Choose the type of mode with which you are comfortable. Always don’t allow others to choose for you. Choose your path. According, to the reader’s convenience, they can select the mode for reading.

how to select a book
From left – Hardcover book, paperback, and a kindle.

6. Language doesn’t matter!

Dear readers, always remember one thing languages are the only mean of communication. You don’t have to choose only English books, whatever language you are comfortable with, you can select books in them. Even if that is your mother tongue, it doesn’t matter. On a surprise note, many books are getting published in many languages. So, it is always a great thing for the readers.

7. Books in a simple tone 

If you want to read a book desperately, which has written in a classic tone, in that case, don’t worry. I have a solution. The solution is to check for the title in other versions like a graphic novel, children’s literature, etc. Mostly classics and other popular titles have been publishing in either children’s literature with many pictures or graphic novels.

This version makes the reading simple and also makes the reader happy. Once you gain the confidence to read the classic version, you can always go for it.

8. Glimpse the reviews

We also have the other way of selecting a book, and which is, sparing a moment on the book reviews. But I always warn the readers about the spoilers in the reviews. Because some reviewers will break the plot in their view, Beware, readers!
Otherwise, you can check for the stars or ratings given by the readers for the books.
Dear readers, these are the few tips one can easily follow to select a book. Still, these tips are not working. Don’t worry. I have few more ways of picking a book.

9. Select a book of your favorite author

Readers will always have one or few favorite authors of their choice whose work they loved, cherished, treasured. So, you can always go with your favorite author’s work. It will bring a fresh and brighter start to your reading routine.

Start from your favorite author’s book.

10. Select a book by its cover

It is always “Don’t judge a book by its cover” this is the age-old saying. But I would like to remake it, select a book whose cover is adorable, attractive, and beautiful. Eventually, it depends on your luck whether you like and read it or not. This way does magic for the readers affected by the reader’s block. Sometimes it clicks for me. Hopefully, it does the same for you too.

Found this pretty book in a bookstore.

Dear readers,

It is never too late to start reading. Start the journey today. I hope aforesaid will help you in selecting a good book for your reading time. If you have more ways to pick a book, share them with us in the comment box.

Until then, Happy Reading!


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