The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank | A brief review.

Hey folks! Welcome back to the reader’s corner. In this blog post, I would like to take you to the world’s most supreme times (i.e.1940s). Many may guess it correctly by now. So, this review is about a teenage girl’s diary that eventually turned into a memoir. It is ‘THE DIARY OF A YOUNG GIRL’ by ANNE FRANK. With the same curiosity, scroll down!

About “The Diary of A Young Girl”

The book ‘THE DIARY OF A YOUNG GIRL’ by ANNE FRANK has published with an original title known as “HET ACHTERHUIS” in the Dutch language. The diary, published by Anne’s father, Otto Frank, in 1947. Later it was translated to English and published in 1952. Now it has been translated into 70 languages and sold a million copies. The book has ranked in the top lists, must-read books, etc.


A girl named Anne Frank enters her teen life in 1942 when the world is undergoing torment. Among many birthday presents, Anne finds a fascinating gift which is a DIARY. All is good. Her teenage life is so calm and happy until the dreadful day. Suddenly her family went to hiding in her father’s workplace with another family of three. Anne was undergoing many emotional, mental, and hormonal changes that she confides everything in her diary. So, she considered the diary-like her sweet friend. It was a terrible time in the history of the world. This book holds one of the most interesting documentation of human survival among terror and cruelties.

My review on one of the best memoirs

Firstly, I got the book without any second thoughts during the Bookfair 2021. Since The Diary of Young Girl comes under the nonfiction and classic genre, many publication houses published the book. I got it from the Fingerprint publication so, the cover of the book is so subtle and tranquil. I would say that everyone must read this book at least once in a lifetime as the book taught me many life lessons so, I believe it will be the same for others too. It mainly tells us to see the positive side of every negative situation and also life.

the diary of a young girl
The diary of a young girl

While reading the book unknowing, I felt like I also reside with them as an invisible creature in the secret annex with all the turmoil they face. So, in the aftermath of the completion of the book, I felt what freedom means. At many times, Anne Frank’s writing style is a bit funny, and I very much like her signing off way at the end of each letter to her dear diary. Anne also documented the political and economic status of the country during the war times.

Of the many letters of Anne, I liked the most is the story of her fountain pen.

 Things I learned from the book

Anne tells in one of her letters to her diary that how writing helps people to raise themselves from their depth of depression. That is so true, writing on a piece of paper is a kind of stress-busting. So, the first thing I learned is Put it on paper. This habit indeed helped me in certain difficult situations.

Secondly, Believe in yourself! Anne believed herself in all the difficult times. In one of her letters to her diary, she wrote about becoming a writer. To that dream, she felt that her diary is the baby step. Eventually, she had become one.

She also wants to become a woman whom the world should remember forever. Fortunately, she has been known for ages and will be known forever. She also had some secret magic to tolerate unhappy situations. To know that, read the book.

So, dear readers, if you want to read any memoir or autobiography, I would recommend THE DIARY OF A YOUNG GIRL by Anne Frank. Tell us your experience of reading the diary of a teenage kid.

Happy Reading!


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The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank | A brief review.

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