The Stationery Shop Of Tehran | By Marjan Kamali | A brief review.

Hello folks! Lovely greetings to all the readers of the reader’s corner. In this blog, I am going
to share my views on one of the unexplored books “THE STATIONERY SHOP OF TEHRAN” by
Marjan Kamali. This is going to be a short review. Enjoy it!


The book “ THE STATIONERY SHOP OF TEHRAN” written by Marjan Kamali, an Iranian
American author. This book was published in 2019. It comes under historical romantic
fiction. This book has been nominated for the Pushcart prize and also been translated into
many languages. The author’s other popular title is ‘TOGETHER TEA’.


In a small shop in Tehran, two people meet for the very first time. Roya, who loves all the
things in the stationery shop, run by a literary oasis Mr. Fakhri. The stationery shop is one
place which is all stocked with fountain pens, inkwells, pencils, metal sharpeners, thick wads
of paper and also carries a translation of literature from all over the world. Bahman, with his
burning passion for justice, is like no one else she has ever met. The environment around
them changes when the relationship blossoms. With a coup d’etat, the future of the country, as well as theirs, changes.


I was searching for a good fiction book for an evening read, that is when my heart
demanded a romantic book since we are in valentine’s month. So, I searched and asked
for many suggestions from fellow readers. Everyone suggested popular and famous books
but I was not satisfied. I wanted something unexplored, peculiar to read for this special
month. Constant searching for such books eventually led me to this historical romantic
fiction which is my piece of cake.

the stationery shop of tehran
Cover of ‘The stationery shop of Tehran’ book


The very first thing that attracted me to the book is the cover page as well as the title
which is very fresh, different and felt real. The author’s narration has played a great part
which helps in the gradual flow of the story. According to my, the author’s effort to explain
the Iranian cuisine, their culture, and also the modern thinking of the people in those years is
very commendable. She has maintained the balance very well between them. Speaking
about the story, it is a reflection of the hard reality of life and love. It also depicts the exact
scenario of those day’s politics which played a major role in everyone’s life and also the
invasion of western culture. On a whole, the story is gripping, very touching, and heartfelt.

Do you people think that we have control over our lives? I don’t think so. Because many times
we think that we are fleeing in our own flow but we don’t know that it is all the play of
destiny is written in that invisible ink in our foreheads (Just a random thought struck me while
reading this book).

So, my dear readers if you are searching for an unusual book for this valentine season “The
the stationery shop of Tehran” by Marjan Kamali is a good choice because why not after all its
love, from which we never get separated!

Happy reading!!


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The Stationery Shop Of Tehran | By Marjan Kamali | A brief review.

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