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Hey folks! Welcome back to the reader’s corner. In this blog post, I am sharing my views on the book called “THE FORTY RULES OF LOVE” by ELIF SHAFAK. The very title itself will give different thoughts on the book and the story inside. But trust me you will explore a distinctive story just like me!! So, let’s get into the book.


The book “The forty rules of love” is written by Turkish female author ELIF SHAFAK. Her works have been translated into more than forty languages. This book comes under literary fiction and was published in 2009. ‘The forty rules of love’ was nominated for the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award and also this book is on the list of the 100 most influential books listed by BBC NEWS. This book has sold more than 750,000 copies in Turkey and France.

The forty rules of love.
The forty rules of love.


ELLA RUBINSTEIN, nearing her forties, married with three children and a pleasant home. Everything in her life is fulfilling yet there is an emptiness in her heart once filled with love. She happens to read a manuscript about the famous Sufi poet Rumi and Shams of Tabriz and his forty rules of love. This turned her life upside down and she embarks on the journey to meet the mysterious author of the manuscript.


Confession – I am a person who always finds interested towards the middle eastern culture and traditions, religions and belief, languages (which is written from right to left), cuisines which are kind of similar to our culture but totally unique, the whirl dances, the fashion, and the architectures mainly those minarets, mosques, tombs, and sand building, the marketplaces altogether it kind of tells me to explore those beautiful and lovely places.

This book will be added to my list of all time favorites.

Though I have explored only through books I feel like I have been to such places. So, this happened once when I visited a cafe, I saw the poster of this book and within a second I got the heed to explore the story it holds behind the beautiful cover. And finally, this book is on my hands.


Honestly speaking, I don’t want to give any hype to this book but literally, this has blown my mind. The story is enthralling. It thoroughly changed my perspective on God, religion, language, and finally the most misunderstood thing on earth “Love”. This book is fiction yet the author chose the words in an exquisite manner to tell the readers about God and Love, very clearly. After completing the book, I got a very different view on love! Coming to the 40 rules, each rule is the universal truth that has been misunderstood over the years. The rules will be very simple still it holds very deep meaning in it. While I come through each rule, I feel like the author is addressing me.

The forty rules of love.
Usually, I love to annotate treasured lines from the books. Here I have gone a little overboard.

The book has two parallel stories which are very interesting so that I couldn’t put the book down. The reading experience is very amazing. Eventually, I am in love with this book, Rumi and Shams of Tabriz. The book had a great impact on me. I don’t know whether I will be following all the rules in my life, but those rules will be lingering in my mind forever!! Drawing the curtain to this post with one of my favorite poems of Mawlana Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Balkhi,

               “Out beyond the ideas of wrongdoing
                 And right doing there is a field
                 I will meet you there.
                 When the soul lies down in that grass
                The world is too full to talk about”

So, dear readers, if you are searching for enlightening, enthralling and at the same time colorful story I highly recommend this book, “THE FORTY RULES OF LOVE” by ELIF SHAFAK. Happy reading!!


In case if you are looking to buy this book, let me make it easier. Here is the Amazon link for this book. Click, buy, and enjoy reading. Link – The Forty Rules Of Love.

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The Forty Rules Of Love | By Elif Shafak | Book Review

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