MALAI VASAL by Sandilyan | A Spoiler-Free review.

Gupta dynasty from the perspective of South Indian author!

Hey folks! Welcome back to the reader’s corner. In this blog post, I am going to review a book called MALAI VASAL by Sandilyan. You are right it’s one of the books from the pile, my granny gave me. So, let’s begin the review.

‘MALAI VASAL’, A brief review.

Reasons for choosing the book

Firstly, it was historical fiction that is like a piece of cake for me. Secondly, reading something from the author’s perspective when you already knew the history (I already have read about the Gupta dynasty that had notable kings like Chandragupta, Vikramaditya). So, it was a bracing read for me.

Blurb of the book

The story of “Malai vasal” sets in 455 CE when the Hunas (Heenarkal in Tamil) entered the Hindustan through the Khyber-pass and attacked the military and subjects of the Gupta empire. Then, ruling king Skandagupta sends a small party of his forces with Ajith Chandran as the commander-in-chief. Since the king is not in the condition to face the battlefront. But the force couldn’t stand the hunas blow and killed. Ajith Chandran, the only person alive, was imprisoned by Adilan, the hunas head. In what way is the commander-in-chief saves his country, be loyal to the king while being on the enemy’s premises without leaving behind his love of life, is the whole story.

About the book & the author

Sandilyan authored the book MALAI VASAL whose original name was Bhashyam Iyengar. The author is known for his historical romance and adventure novels. This book was released weekly in the magazine Amuthasurabi for two and half years. And later, it was published as a book.

MALAI VASAL by Sandilyan.

My review of MALAI VASAL

The story of the Gupta dynasty from the perspective of a Tamil author is different to read. The characters are few but very powerful. Some appreciable characters are Ajith Chandran and Toraman. Each of them is crafted very carefully and well suited for the story. The story depicts how the people of those eras were very loyal to their motherland. The tactics and ethics they used to save their country and their loved ones are interesting and mindblowing!

Speaking about the story, it is one of the main events in the history of Hindustan and, the author had handled it in a colossal manner without destructing the truth by adding some fiction storylines.
Apart from the storylines, at the beginning of each chapter, the author gives a kind of small pep talk that links the story’s situation and our current life scenarios too. These are amazing because he had written them many decades ago but those still suited our circumstances. In one such talk, he draws a beautiful link between emotions. In what way does sympathy, love, desire, and happiness are interconnected are well described. It is enthralling. Also, the author states that the difficulties that come in our way are merely a wave to change and fortify our current position. But it is in our hands to either redeem it as a reward or not. These two talks got my attention the most.

So, dear readers, if you are searching for historical fiction in Tamil, you can choose the Malai vasal by Sandilyan. Also, if you like our reviews, share your love in the comment box.

Happy Reading!


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MALAI VASAL by Sandilyan | A Spoiler-Free review.

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