VEERAYUGA NAYAGAN VELPARI by Su. Venkatesan | A brief review

Been like a fantasy but read the true history!

Hey folks! Welcome back to the reader’s corner. In this blog post, I would like to share the review of the book that changed many perspectives of life in me. It is my very recent reads. To know more, read ahead!

Every race has its culture, tradition, and its uniqueness. Due to the evolution of time, it gets modified. While the process takes place, it shed the most valuable gems of the race. But it won’t decay, rather it will come back with more power. Likewise, Paari is the pride of every Tamizhan whom the time had shed but made a power-packed come back in the form of stories. And the book is,


About the book

VEERAYUGA NAYAGAN VELPARI written by Su. Venkatesan. Earlier, this book was serialized in the magazine Ananda Vikaten for around 111 weeks. The way the readers showed their response to this story is colossal. This book had readers from all age groups. Due to the massive response, the story took the form of a book with two volumes in 2018.

Description of the book

VEERAYUGA NAYAGAN VELPARI is a story of the velir race and its head Velpari. What made the Chera, Chola and Pandyas wage war against Velpaari? is the entire story.

How I landed in this book

When my mom said that, she saw a book titled VELPARI at the book fair and, the book was all about the story of one of the Kadai Ezhu Vallal, PAARI. I replied to her that all I knew about Paari is “முல்லைக்கு தெர் குடுத்தான் பாரி” (Mullaiku ther kuduthan Paari). I wondered what it would be there, in these two giant volumes about whom I am familiar with just one line. And this is how I started my journey to the era that is called Sanga kalam.

Velpari Book – Part 1

My review of the book Velpari

Honestly, I don’t know where to start the review because this book is vast. It is the epitome of life, nature, love, and war. It simply teaches, the human, how to live their life. The writing style of the author is very ingenious. The characters are crafted so powerfully. The storyline is very gripping.


The book offers many insights to the readers about the geographical location of Parambu Nadu that is a range of mountains with many hills. It also gives detailed information on the ancient race of the region (who are very much extinct now), their lives in the different seasons, and how they adapt to the change with the help of nature also without harming them. Their wisdom about the forest and the animals are immense. That is interesting to read.                    Secondly, about their food culture, this book tells us about the different variety of herbs, spices, roots, tubers that were once grown and used by them. Apart from these, their knowledge about medicine is mesmerizing. They have cures for every injury and disease.


Changed perspective!

Speaking about Love, the entire book represents many wonderful love stories. While reading those stories, my thoughts on love are enhanced. I have fallen in love with their concept of love. It was only love, nothing else. I had grown, watching the love shown in these times and, till a definite time, I thought love is a crime. But I am very grateful that I read the different versions of it. They respected the love between two people without any discrimination. The book had many love stories and, each is beautiful in its way. In this book, there are so many lines that give the essence of love. One such line that attracted me is,

மண்ணில் கால்பவாமல் மனிதனஂ நடபஂபது
தணஂணீருகஂகுளஂளுமஂ காதலுகஂகுளஂளுமஂதானஂ
இரணஂடுமஂ ஒனஂறு சேருமஂ தருணதஂதிலஂ
நிகழஂவது எலஂலாமஂ மாய விதஂதைகளே!


The book VELPAARI has detailed information about the war. All the minute things about the weapons and the tricks they used, were covered. I was astonished because these people who lived many centuries ago had great ideas to protect their country and people. In someplace, Paari executes the war just by causing harm not, by killing any life. These tricks are enthralling.
Their idea of war is not with the kings or capturing the land. It was between the soldiers who cause the injuries and the doctors who treat those injuries with their talent. I believe the people of Parampunadu were the millennials of all time!

Velpari Book – Part 2.

When it comes to the history of Tamizhagam, I knew about Cheras, Cholas, Pandyas, and even Pallavas but, this book has been an eye-opener for me that tells the events that took place around the 3rd century that has been overcast by later history. But now the comeback is simply awe-striking!

So, Dear readers, in the nutshell, this book made me happy, laugh out loud, sad, cry, float in love, and hit with pain. It is wholesome of all the emotions. I am very much grateful to the author for passing down the history of Velpaari to the current generation. It is a gem. I strongly suggest the readers read this epic book at least once.

Happy Reading!


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VEERAYUGA NAYAGAN VELPARI by Su. Venkatesan | A brief review

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