Kanni Maadam by Sandilyan | A brief spoiler-free review.

Hey folks! Welcome back to the reader’s corner. In this blog post, we are going to probe into the book that is good old. Well, it is one of the many historical fictions that I read recently. The title of the book is


About the book

The book KANNI MAADAM was written by the author Sandilyan. Earlier, it came as a serial story (I exactly don’t know how to tell, it came as a continuous story weekly) in the magazine called Kumudham for about one and half a year. Later due to huge responses from the readers, it took the form of a book. The book was published by Vanadhi publishing house.

Description of the book (blurb)

This story sets in the 12th century when the situation of Tamil Nadu was on the verge of collapse. A civil war broke between two Pandyas, one was Parakrama Pandya, who ruled Madurai, and the other king was Kulasekhara Pandya, who ruled Nellai. During this civil war, Parakrama Pandya sought the help of the Ceylonese (Sri Lankan) king but was subsequently executed in the war. So, Kulasekhara Pandya ascended the throne of Madurai. But later, the Ceylonese waged war against Kulasekhara Pandya and made Veerapandyan, son of Parakrama Pandyan, the king of Madurai.
Aforesaid is a bit of a back story. What happened in the kingdom, after the war, were the subjects of the country happy and prosperous in the reign of their king along with the Ceylonese stay in their realm. How the loyal souls like Aparajithan, the commander-in-chief, Kaarivalavan, Karunakaradevan going to save the kingdom before it’s too late. How peace prevailed again in the country is the whole story. Interesting, right?

How do I land in this book?

A few weeks back, I met my granny, who is my fellow reader. We used to have long phone convo discussing stories, characters, and plots. While we are talking, she said you have to read few good old books which have been overcast by other books and gave me a bunch of books. One among them was Kanni Maadam. This book is roughly 26 years old and read by many of my family members. It has worn out pages, dimmed inks, and the letters are on the verge of vanishing but, it gave me a different vibe. I am very grateful to my granny, who has treasured such valuable stuff to her grandchildren.

My review of ‘Kanni Maadam’

Firstly, the book starts with the short foreword note from Kumudham magazine’s author Mr. S.A.P. On that note, he had given an exquisite and thoughtful description of what all is history. I was astonished how their thoughts are very forward-thinking.

The book has depicted the lives of the royal people. In what ways does their life change along with their kingdom. Mainly, the women of the royal blood, their emotions are like waves, ebb, and flow.

While reading this book, I realized the people had great respect for their Senadhipathi ( commander-in-chief) besides their king. He is equally valourous and righteous like the king. The book screened different relationships like father-daughter, king-his subjects, teacher-students, and commander-in-chief – his soldiers. Each relationship is very intense in its way. And at last, comes the love part. In this book, the author makes the readers realize and feel the love of the characters.

Kanni Maadam
Kanni maadam by Sandilyan.

Descriptions/Commentary in the book

Usually, every book has descriptions of different places where the story takes place, the characters, their emotions, etc., Mostly, historical fiction books have a limitless description. Because these authors are well known the way of how these books going to serve in the future for the upcoming generations. So, I think they never left a single thing to describe. But in this book, I felt it is unexpectedly mind-blowing. I was lost in the web of descriptions at certain places.
Eventually, I think the description served its purpose. While reading one such commentary of a female character, the author described her costumes and ornaments. I find few different ornaments worn only in the southern side of India. It was interesting to learn unusual stuff. I loved this book. I learned quite a few things.

Dear readers, this book has everything like loyalty, friendship, love, romance, betrayal, military ethics, battlefront scenes at the right amount. It will be a power-packed book. Though it is only a part of our ancient history, it was beautifully crafted. Add it to your TBR list. Tell us how much you like our reviews in the comments.

Happy Reading!


In case if you are looking to buy this book, let me make it easier. Here is the Amazon link for this book. Click, own a copy, and enjoy reading. Link – Kanni Maadam.

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Kanni Maadam by Sandilyan | A brief spoiler-free review.

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