“WHAT!?!” (in excitement) was my sister’s first response on seeing the dull wall in our room. Yes! She liked the decor! Hello, welcome back to another post of simple colourful DIY ideas to brighten up your dull room like mine. On seeing the boring walls, I get tempted to decorate it in many ways like a wall art, etc., but this time wall decoration using paper craft.

wall hangings
DIY using old/unused paper

These simple DIY ideas have its own advantage, it is customisable. Cheap and can be done from the scraps. You can also consider these ideas for party decoration. Yes, a simple scrap paper can bring colour to your room. Only & the main things we need are papers and scissors. Let us now dig in.

What is in this post?

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You can always alternate or choose your own requirements. What I used in these projects are:



The following are the 5 ideas I am talking about. I think, the “paper garland” is the one I like the most among the five. As it is colourful and simple to create.

simple DIY wall decor ideas

These methods are so easy to create, even kids can make this to decorate their room. But be careful when you are using scissors or precision knife. Have a look at these 5 ways and comment me down, which one impressed you.



Of late, you can say, how I became so obsessed with these “origami” thing if you are following me from the previous posts. Yes. I have become obsessed. I thank my sister, as she was the one who introduced me to origami.

wall decor using origami

Here, I have created the 5 geometrical shapes and used for wall hanging. I loved the way, it turned out.

Origami geometric shapes

I made these shapes mostly in white paper and later painted it in my favourite colours to look more attractive and colourful.

wall hangings using paper
Beautiful back drop

If you are interested in learning, how I made these geometrical origami shapes, then comment me.


I started making origami shapes from a cube. Probably, making these cubes is the easiest among all the other shapes.

wall hanging from paper
Cube wall hanging

These cubes are very simple and easy to make. I hang them using thin thread.

wall hangings using paper

They form a beautiful back drop in your work space, above the headboard of your bed.

colourful wall hanging


Pyramids are also simple to create. I used thin white thread to hang it. I made these pyramids in different sizes and painted in different colours as I liked.

wall hanging from paper
Pyramid wall hangings.


This one is my favourite among the origami method. I liked the creases and details of the diamond. And this details makes it more attractive.

wall hangings from paper
You can see the details clearly in this diamond.

This diamond wall hangings can be hooked in the sideways of the steps, in your kid’s room, living area, dining area, etc., Wherever it is, it remains colourful and pretty.

Diamond wall hangings

You can make them in different sizes and colours. It can be customisable as you like. If you wish to learn, how to make these diamonds, comment me down.

Diamond wall hangings


This is yet another simple method. The main things we need are just paper and scissors. Use scissors carefully.

Wall hangings
Paper cuttings
The main plot of this method is given as steps below.

1. Draw your own image outline (eg. heart )

Wall hangings
Draw the outline of your preferred image.
These are the outlines I chose and drawn.

2. Cut the rough outline and use it as a template.

Using a precision knife, cut out the image. Be careful when you use it.
room decor
Now, these cut outs act as a template.

3. Using template, trace it in colour paper / old magazines.

wall decor
Using template, you can cut out images directly or trace it down and cut using scissors.

4. Cut it off.

wall decor
After cut the images.
wall decor.
Layout in your preferred colour order. And Flip it off.

5. Tape it with thread.

wall decor
Place the thread over it and tape it.

6. Hang it on your wall. Done!

Paper cutting wall hangings, done!
Paper cutting wall hangings, done!

Here I chose some images like elephant, butterfly, heart, circles & fish to test. Now, everything is up to my satisfaction. You can choose your own image and use it.


The templates are available for free. If you like these outlines/shapes, then subscribe to get a free printable in your inbox.


These heart wall hangings are made from the steps as above discussed.

wall decor
Wall hanging – heart (paper cutting).
wall decor
Laying out for colour order
wall decor
Final look of heart wall hanging


Elephants are very easy to draw and cut. I used colour papers, newspapers & old scrap papers.

wall decor
Elephant wall hanging.
wall decor
Paper cuttings layout for colour order
wall decor
Final look – elephant wall decor.


The circle wall hangings are very simple to create. You can create in different sizes in a variety of colours and place randomly or in order. However you arrange, this wall hangings turns out to be attractive and colourful.

wall decor
Circle wall hanging.
wall decor.
Layout in your preferred colour order.
wall decor
Simple Circle wall hanging.


Instead of these paper cutting butterflies, you can also use origami butterflies. In case you like to learn it, click here: How to make butterflies?

paper craft
Butterflies laid out for colour order.
wall decor
Butterfly wall decor.
paper craft
Easy and colourful Butterfly wall hangings

You can also replace these paper cuttings as painted ones. Like I made before: Realistic butterfly.


I used two different shapes of fish for paper cutting. 

room decor
Paper cutting – fish
wall hanging from paper
Randomly placed fishes.
wall decor
Final look.


Paper garlands are my most favourite DIY among all, as it turned out pretty cool. Here I used the traditional shapes like Tags and Flags for garlands. These are easy to make, colourful wall hangings using paper crafts.

wall hangings
Garlands fitting my balcony sit out.

These garlands fit perfectly as a backdrop for my gloomy balcony. You can prefer any shapes, any colour you like. Let us dig in for more detail.


These paper garlands are time-consuming and inexpensive. All you need is papers thread and tape. Here are the steps to make tag garland.

TAG Garland
  1. Take a paper and ruler.
wall hanging diarytale
Basic requirement to make tag

2. Cut the paper into the small strips of the following measurement.

Measuring using a ruler.
Measurement :

Height : 10 cms / 4 inches (approx)

 Width : 5 cms / 2 inches (approx)

Cut into the specified measurements.

  3. Draw a small triangle in the end and cut it off.

wall hanging
Drawing a small triangle at one end of the strip.

  4. You will get the tag shaped paper strips.

Cut the triangle at the end.

  5. Repeat the steps until you get the required paper strips. I made tags of 30 numbers.

Repeat the steps to get as many tags as required.

 You can also make tags in white paper and paint it later with your favourite colours.

  6. Keep the tags in a row according to the colour order you want. Here, I lined it up randomly.

Tags are lined up randomly.

  7. Now flip each tag, with the coloured side lying down. Ignore if both sides are coloured.

  8. Place the long thread on the tags and position it perfectly in the same point in each tag.

wall hanging
Positioning the thread on the back of the tags.

  9. Now stick the thread to the tag using the invisible tape.

Sticking invisible tape.

  10. Done! Tag garland ready!

Tag Garland, Ready!!


The Flag garland is made using the same steps as that of tag garland.

Flag Garland

The flag measurements I used is given below.

Measurement :

Height : 7 cms / 2.7  inches (approx)

Base : 7.5 cms / 3 inches (approx)


Take a paper, mark the measurements given and cut it out. Repeat until you get the required number of flags.

wall hangings
Marking the measurements
wall hangings
Try to mark equally, so that each flag is similar.
Repeat until you get the desired number of flags.

Now lay out according to the colour order you chose, flip it off and paste the thread.

Layout for colour order.
Flag Garland, done!
Alternate method:
  • Using tape to stick the thread to the tag/flag is the easiest method. You can also use thread & needle and create garland using the running stitch.
  • Or else you can use a paper puncher to make holes in each tag/flag and connect using thread. You can choose your own way.
Colourful Garlands – simple wall hanging using paper.


I always keep my old art, sketches, craft, paintings, things I made, in a box. Apart from gifting it to others, most of it will remain unused after that particular project. I made some realistic butterflies in my previous post. If you are interested in knowing that, click here: how to make realistic butterflies?

Butterflies from the previous project.

Also in my wall art post, the cardboard used for leaves left unused. For this post, click here: wall art – theme based!

Cardboard from the previous post.

So I thought of reusing it and make another craft out of it. Then this “theme based” idea struck me. Like paper cutting ones, I glued the butterfly and the cardboard leaves alternatively and hung it on the wall.  

Paint the cardboard and give the details using markers.
Reusing old art works – final look.


I initially made a newspaper wall hanging. Inspired from that, I made this cardboard wall hanging. All u need is cardboard, thread and any of the previous method outcomes. Eg: origami shapes.

Cardboard wall hanging.
The steps are:

  1. Take a cardboard and a compass or any round base objects like a plate, bowl, anything. Draw a big circle. 

cardboard wall hanging

2. This will be the shape of the top and cut it off. Now, draw concentric circles. Draw lines with the centre same as that of the concentric circles.

Cutting out the top part.

  3. Mark the point along the circle and the lines, where the thread used to hang on the wall will be stitched.

The thread is attached.
This thread is now used for hanging on the wall.

4. Now insert any number of thread in the cardboard. Knot the thread at one end, so it is fixed on the cardboard top. Now attach, sew or tape your objects in the other end as layers. I made it with 4 layers.

wall decor
The Final look of cardboard wall hanging.

Hope you liked all the decor ideas. Try it and share your version of decor in social media using “#diarytale”. Also do not forget to comment below, which one you liked most.

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  1. All hangings are awesome especially I like BUTTERFLY.its is very easy to decor our home
    Keep rocking sisy..

  2. All the wall hangings are very cute and colourful… ……. especially the back drop in the balcony sit out is very beautiful…..a grt way to make our rooms a nice place to stay

  3. Some Tyms Even Small Things Look So Attractive… This S So So So Good And I’ll Soon IMPLENT This S IN My New Space… # Simple But cute😍

    1. Sure! Try them and enjoy @aishu! simple and inexpensive. Also, share your work with us via social media, so we can see what you came out with!

  4. UnExpected work from you really loved it especially elephants 🐘 origami hangings and the cardboard hangings 😊Keep rocking😉✌🏻

  5. When amazing works are done easily, it does not mean that the work is easy. It shows how much you are devoted to your work.

    This is a real work of devotion.

    Keep going.

    1. Thanks for your continuous support! Comments like yours motivate me to keep going!! I am grateful @vivasayi

  6. Nice and very huge work. My head started to rotate, so pls next time try to put very short without delay.

  7. Origami, paper cuttings & esp cardboard hanger is really awesome…and I think glittering sheets will workout more effectively for garlands.

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