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Hello folks! Hope you are doing well. I am very happy about the response you gave me for the first story. To be frank, I didn’t expect. Most of your climax was far better than mine. Thanks to all those who took your time, read my story, reviewed it, sent me feedbacks. Keep supporting me guys. If you are new here, do check out our first newsletter. Click here to check out – Newsletter 1.

Now, it’s time to reveal my climax. If you are unaware of the story we are talking about, click here to read the story – “Who Killed Ramya?”.

PS. If you do not settle with this climax. You are always welcomed to fix this story with your climax.


Ramya was sitting in a park near to a little forest area. She is thinking deeply about all the things that she felt disturbing to her. Ramya thought about everything like how did she meet Ashwin, Arun from the beginning. She got relieved after realizing that there was no relation between Ashwin and Rahul. All the misunderstanding got cleared. And she told him everything from the beginning. She even felt sad for doubting him. She apologized and he consoled her.

After a few minutes, Ashwin saw that news reporters are showing the photographs of the serial killer, Rahul in every TV channels. He said about this to Ramya and sent that Rahul’s photo to her. Soon they both realized that something was wrong. He asked her to stay safe that he is coming to her place. 

After cutting the call, she saw the photo. She went numb by a sudden shock. Rahul was no other than Arun. Before she could recognize anything, Arun killed her from her back.

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Ok, It’s time to share the story of our second newsletter. Excited? Now read the story, guess the twist, and share it with me in the comment section below. You can either listen to the audio, just by playing the audio clip below or read the story by scrolling down.

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Once upon a time in a village, there lived a farmer named, Ramu. He was a kind-hearted and an honest man. He lived with his family happily. One day, he decided to visit his friend who is living in the other village, which is a little far from his place. He packed some clothes, took some money, and dressed up neatly. He wore his favorite diamond stud. After bidding bye to his family, he started his journey.

The day went well and good for him. By evening, he went to an inn where everyone slept in a dormitory. After his dinner, tired Ramu went to sleep soon. He planned to start his journey early the next day. Since he was tired, he fell asleep as soon as he lied down.

Ravi, another traveler, who from his tiresome journey, came to that same inn. After his dinner, he went to that common room to sleep. He went and lied down near Ramu. Ravi could not sleep properly. He woke up several times on that night.

He saw Ramu, who was a stranger to him, sleeping next to him. The diamond stud, which Ramu wore drawn his attention. It was a beautiful big stud, which was glowing on that night light. He could not take his eyes away from it. He wanted to own those. Slowly Ravi removed a stud, from Ramu’s left ear and wore it on his right ear. Then he went back to sleep.

The next morning, Ramu woke up early and realized that one of his diamond studs is missing. He panicked and searched all over the place, but he did not find it. He went to the place where he slept that night. Then he glanced at the people sleeping in that room. He spotted the man who slept next to him, has a diamond stud same as his. Soon he realized that he had stolen his stud

After a few mins, the owner of the accommodation, who was in the reception area heard a loud argument from the common dormitory. He rushed there. He saw both Ramu and Ravi were arguing. Ramu said to Ravi, “You have stolen my diamond stud while I am sleeping. Give it back to me!”. Ravi replied, “This is mine. You have stolen my diamond stud and accusing me as a thief. Give my stud immediately!”. Both were yelling “you are the robber!”, “that is my diamond stud” to each other.

The owner took both of them with him to the local judge in the courtroom. The judge was very popular for his honest and perfect verdict. He heard the story from the beginning. He investigated both men separately. They gave the same statement. The judge also said that the guilty will be punished severely. He gave them the last chance to accept the crime. But both repeated that they did nothing and that was their stud.

The judge thought for a while and said a verdict, where he gave the stud to Ramu and punished Ravi severely both for lying and stealing. Ramu thanked the Judge and the owner of the accommodation and started his journey peacefully. While Ravi went to jail for his crime.  

Now it is your turn to guess, how did the judge found that Ravi had stolen the stud?

Ps. Now you are the judge. Guess how the judge found Ravi is the thief and Share the climax in your perspective, in the comment section below. I will share mine in the next newsletter. Let’s see whose climax matches with mine. Stay tuned.

Acknowledgment: My heartfelt Thanks to Swathi Anandan and Rohith to reviewed my first draft. Also, this story is not mine. It was adapted from a book. I will share the book details in the next newsletter.

Have a good day!

Newsletter 02 – Story / Podcasts.

12 thoughts on “Newsletter 02 – Story / Podcasts.

  1. Antha stud potathuku ramu oda left ear la thana mark irukum.Ravi IPA puthusa thana potan so avan left ear la mark ninaikaran sis..

    1. Wow. Good point of view.

      But, what if Ravi didn’t wear that stud for the first time. He may also have those marks you mentioned.

      Think a little further. You will get it.

  2. I think, the judge judges left ear’s stud should be worn in left ear but Ravi worn in his right ear….. May be by seeing that…mokka guess upto my level😂😂

    1. Nice one Devi. But as far as I know, both studs will be similar right? So, in that case, how the judge gave the perfect verdict?

      1. Hint: Ramu and Ravi slept next to each other. They were facing each other. Think little further, you will get it!

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