Gardens Around Me | Mango Farm Tour | Field Trip | Episode-2

On a sunny morning in May, we decided to visit a mango farm near to our home. I still remember the day, when I and my sister were decided to go by auto. It was unexpectedly a terrible 40 mins auto ride on that scorching sun. Actually, the return journey was the worst. We were roasted in that 35-degree Celsius heat.

The mango farm

But as soon as we entered the mango farm, we totally forgot the pain and amazed to feel the chillness inside that farm. The farm was looking beautiful with neatly planted mango trees and they were just watered. Apart from the mango trees, I encountered some paddy field, and other fruit trees, which I am going to cover today in this post. This would be a garden tour.

gardens around me
Mr.Arumugam, Gardener & the Owner of the mango farm.

After walking around the field, I felt like to stay there forever. The ambiance was so quiet except the birds chirping and bees buzzing and some winds hissing. Who would not love to be there, right? We sat there under a tree chilling, eating fresh fruits from the farm and chatting. It was so amazing to visit a farm and talk about gardening, learning new things like how to grow and maintain trees, and moreover setting up a proper farm.


Mr. Arumugam is the one who owns and maintains the mango farm. The farm is located in the place called Cunathoor, near Arni. He is doing gardening for 20 years. That sounds awesome, right?

mango farm
Mangoes in the farm

The farm has nearly 100 mango trees. Apart from mango trees, the farm has chiku/sapota trees, Indian gooseberries, pomegranate trees, and some paddy field. The farm has a big well, which is almost 100 feet deep.

The mango trees

We are a big fan of his farm’s mangoes. Last year we bought almost 50 kgs of mangoes from him. They were divine and unbeatable when compared to other store-bought mangoes. So, I was very curious to see his farm and meet him to discuss the secret behind his super delicious mangoes.

mango farm
mango trees in the farm

The farm has different varieties of mangoes such as Neelam, Banganapalli, ottu, etc. They were planted neatly, line by line. All the trees had some unripened mangoes. Some fruits were fallen down. It was such a pleasant experience to sit in the shades of one of the mango tree on a sunny day, watching birds and ripened mangoes hanging here and there.

mango farm

On seeing these beautiful farms, not only me, anyone can get inspired to grow some of their favorite trees at least once in their lifetime. Also, they gave some mango pieces to taste whilst we are on the farm nearby mango trees. They tasted delicious. Even the unripened mangoes were sweet. Now I am feeling to go there again. And in the next blog post, he is sharing the tips on growing mango trees and the secret behind his tasty mangoes. So, do not miss it.

Sitting under the shade of one of the mango trees on the farm.

Coconut Trees

mango farm
A bunch of coconut trees we saw on the farm

Next, to mango trees, there was a paddy field. In between them, there were almost 10 coconut trees. He gave us some tender coconut, freshly picked from the trees at the very moment. The tender coconut was awesome. We agreed that we never tasted a tender coconut water as tastier as this one from the farm.


Motor pump outlet in the farm.

We saw a big well in the farm. It is almost 100 ft deep. A big one. And at that time, he was watering the paddy field. He showed us how he takes the water from the well (using a motor pump) and watering the trees and field (using pipes).

Guava tree

mango farm
Flower buds in the Guava tree.

We saw a couple of guava trees. At that time of our visit, the tree was starting to bloom, bearing lots of flowers. I finally saw the guava flower. Yes, I have never seen before.

Sapota / Chikoo tree

mango farm
Chikoo / sapota tree

Next comes the chikoo tree. It was my first time seeing a sapota/chikoo tree. The tree had many fruits. We handpicked them to taste and packed some to home. It was so delicious. Who doesn’t love chikoos? He explained to us, how to grow and maintain those trees in detail.

Indian gooseberries / Amla tree

Handpicked Indian gooseberries.

We saw Indian gooseberries or amla tree. The leaves of the tree were different and the tree had a lot of gooseberries. Most of them ripened ones were fallen down in the ground, due to the breeze.

Gooseberries found on the ground.

We picked some fresh gooseberries and tasted. They were good. People who tasted those berries with me said that they were tasting so good and fresh. Since I am not a great fan of gooseberries, I collected their review.

Beautiful leaves of the amla tree.

Apart from these, the farm had some pomegranate trees and some paddy field. Answers to more interesting questions like, how do the mangoes from his farm taste super delicious than the ones from the local markets? How his coconut trees bear yummy tender coconuts? Sapotas are good and fresh far from the store bought ones. How he maintains the farm?

mango farm

The answers to all these questions will be posted in the next blog posts. So, do not forget to check out the next one.

Super enthusiastic video on this tour went live on youtube too, if you like watching the video, then click to watch the video below.

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Gardens Around Me | Mango Farm Tour | Field Trip | Episode-2

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