How to make Butterfly? – Part 1


Butterflies are colourful, attractive and beautiful insect that everyone loves it. Creating butterflies is as easy as it is. And this post is all about creating a butterfly in 3 different ways. These are the cheapest ways of making butterfly as we are using papers and the things we found in our home.

Basic requirements


For creating butterflies using papers, I used 3 methods. Each method is absolutely easy but for namesake, I separated those methods as 3 levels namely,

  1. Simple
  2. Medium
  3. Hard

Here we are going to discuss about simple and medium ways of making butterfly, which everyone can make.


The Simple method is very easy where we can create a butterfly in minutes. Briefly, this method involves cutting a paper in a butterfly shape. How easy it is? Now let us see how I made butterfly using this method.

Simple method/paper cuttings


The basic requirements are paper, scissors and pencil.



You can create your own butterfly or refer images
Step 1 :   Take a plain paper and draw the outline of a butterfly. Just have a freehand sketch as butterflies are in many different form out there. So choose whatever shape you like. I used reference image from google to draw the outlines.
Draw the outline in a rough paper.
Step 2 :  Now cut out the outline sketched as we can now use it as a template. Here I have cut using scissors and X-acto knives, as I wanted.
Neatly cut out the sketch

Note:  If you are not sure about the shape, you can fold the paper into two, draw one side of the butterfly and cut the shape holding two paper together. Because, the wings of the butterflies must be symmetrical. As the result you will get the even cut out of a butterfly.

Step 3 :  Now you can use this as a template and place it on another paper. Cut out along the outline.
The butterfly we cut earlier is now used as template.
Cut it out smoothly.
Step 4:  You can also use newspapers. If you wish, you can also paint it after cutting.
Newspapers can also be used
Simple ways to create butterfly
Step 5 :  After cutting the butterflies in your desired shape, pinch the butterfly on its body, by folding it.
Pinch the butterfly along the centre
how to make butterfly
This pinching gives a good effect on the paper cutting
Step 6 :  Now place a glue or double sided tape on its body and stick it in your wall or wherever you want.
Adding glue / double sided tape along its body line

This is the easiest method and the outcome is pretty good.

You can stick it anywhere around the house

I used it in my tree, that I have painted in my room.

This simple butterfly adds attraction to my tree


The next method is Origami. Creating butterflies using this origami method is my go to method. It gives a three dimensional look. I used this method in my previous post. If you are interested on how I used it, Click here : Wall art challenge.



You will need origami paper and scissors.

origami butterfly
The basic requirements for origami


Make the paper, a square
Step 1 :  Take a square paper.
Based on the size of the paper, the size of the butterfly varies
Step 2 :  Do the basic folds.
Fold right to left
after folding
fold top to bottom
after 2 foldings
now fold diagonally
after basic folding
Step 3:  Hold the paper in diamond shape and pinch the edges inwards from the corners.
Pinching the edges inwards
Step 4 :  Do on both sides.
Pinch on both sides and drag towards centre
Press firmly
You will get a triangle shape
Step 5 :  Fold the triangle.
Fold the triangle
Step 6 :  Now cut the edges and make them curved.
Cut the edges into rounded / curved form
After cutting the edges
Step 7 :  Back to triangle shape.
Turn back into triangle shape
Step 8 :  Take one curved edge from one side and fold it towards the centre.
Drag one corner edge towards the centre
Step 9 :  Repeat on the other side. Press it firmly.
Do on the both sides
Step 10 :  Flip the triangle. So that the folding facing down.
Flip the triangle now
Step 11 :  Take the sharp edge of the triangle and fold it towards the straight bottom line.
Take the sharp triangle edge and fold backwards
You need the excess edge to show up
Step 12 :  Now turn the piece, and fold the sharp edge downwards.
Now turn the triangle and press back the excess edge

Press firmly
Step 13 :  Press it firmly and one last step is pinch the centre folding.
Pinch the centre folding
final look

Finally origami butterfly is ready.

Origami butterfly


You can use washi tapes, glitter pens, or beads to decorate your butterfly.

using gel pens
using washi tapes
You can customise the colour of the tape used
Using beads / glitters
Decorated using beads

I used this butterflies in my previous post of wall art challenge. In case you are interested, click here : tree wall art


These are the two methods of creating butterflies from paper. Hope you liked it.

Part 2 is the hard one, as it is customisable, more attractive than these two which I liked the most. In case if you are interested, click here : hard one!

*p.s. I created these butterflies for my future project. I hope that will be more fun and beautiful.

Comment below, which one you like the most.

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How to make Butterfly? – Part 1

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