Washingtonil Thirumanam | By Saavi | Book Review

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Washingtonil Thirumanam

During this quarantine period, I have become like an exhausted pigeon so I choose to read something quick and also to give a try to a different genre. Then my father suggested reading this age-old beauty called ‘Washingtonil Thirumanam’ written by S. Viswanathan under his pen name Saavi in 1963.

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Description of the book

A south Indian marriage taking place in Washington – a highly fictitious and totally comedy.

Inspiration for the story

The author when he and his friends visited Thiruvaiyaaru a sacred place in Tamil Nadu where the music festival happens every year, accidentally came across some foreigners who also came to visit this holy place. Then he was wondering how these foreigners find this festival, understand and respect our culture.

There came the idea for him to write about our wedding happening in foreign lands and also, he thought of delivering this story in a humorous way. So, this story came in a weekly magazine for about 11 weeks. The response to the story from the readers was colossal.

My reflection on this story

I basically liked the author’s mindset ‘Always believe in the impossible ‘ so one day it will become possible. Because in those days, events like this especially during 1963, south Indian wedding happening in Washington is highly impossible but nowadays it’s happening in the name of ” Destination Wedding”. I think the author might never know the idea of a destination wedding.

The most loved characters of Washingtonil Thirumanam

The story was highly fictitious, yet I liked the character of Mrs. Rockfeller her generosity, and her idea of ‘No rules for happiness’. Mr. Sastri and Ammanchi for their comedy and finally Mr. Panchu the responsible person in this whole clan. The author also says the value of Indian culture.


This book has beautiful illustrations done by Mr. Gopal which attracts the readers in a great way. And it is also one of the reasons for the great success of this book.

Washingtonil thirumanam
Illustrations in the book – Washingtonil thirumanam.

Fun fact

Though this book is very simple and small, I find it difficult, to read some words because it was written exactly how they are pronounced in English. So, it took a while for me to complete this book but I enjoyed it thoroughly. This is my very first book in the comedy genre and I really loved it!

Thereupon, readers, this is the small review of this book if you are looking for some humorous and quick read then this is my choice for you. It will just take around a couple of hours if you have great reading skills.

Happy Reading!


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Washingtonil Thirumanam | By Saavi | Book Review

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