I slowly picked up all the tools I needed, silently walked to the spot, (literally walked on my toes). On reaching there, I closed the door in slow motion, without any trace and locked myself.

All of a sudden, I was scared to death, when my little sister (who came back home from school) shouted, “ammmma,… I feel something fishy! Where is akkka?”

Comment below if you have ever faced this situation- “Troubles you face while planning something to surprise your family, when the siblings, (whom you know will break the suspense), are searching for us!” 

wall art
Loving our bright reading space! Do you?

Hi, Welcome to Diarytale!

After a long time, I want to surprise you guys (even my family), with a new colorful wall art. This is my most favorite kind of topic among the bunch, I write. (Hope it is your favorite too). And I believe, this is how bloggers celebrate special occasions with their readers. Special occasion? Wondering what?  I will break the suspense at the end of this post.

wall art
Geometric wall art

If you are new here, take a look at my previous wall arts: Tree art and random doodles! Hope you will like it!


There is this wall in the balcony, painted in pastel pink. It has been over many years since painted. The wall has been dirtied and stained all over. And then, I decided to brighten up that space with some wall art. (I mean, why not?)

Wall art
The dull wall in the balcony!


I planned to paint the wall with some simple ideas, that you can re-create it in your wall. Also, I had a secret crush over geometric shapes lately. So, I came up with this idea. The only things in my mind were:

  • Simple
  • Colourful
  • Modern,
  • Geometric.
wall art
Geometric shapes


diarytale wall art

The basic requirements for this wall art are:


wall art
Planning before starting.


Planning is an important step, that you should not skip! Take a rough paper, scribble it roughly till you have a clear idea, what your end result is.

wall art
Bringing the image we planned, to paper.

I had many attempts in bringing down, what I picturized in my mind. Do scribble until you get, what you have in your mind or take a reference.




After having a plan, start measuring the wall. Have a rough margin and an idea of how many triangles will fit in.

wall art
Roughly measuring and drawing a margin on all sides.

To have a perfect wall art, do not miss this step! My wall is about 7.5 feet approx, and in the rough margin, 10 x 14 triangles can fit.


Since we are going for a “random color” wall art, Choosing color palette is essential and must do it before starting to paint on the wall.

wall art
My color preference is the combination of both warm and contrasting ones.

There are many types of color schemes or palettes you can choose and work with. I simplify those palettes into 3:

  1. Warm
  2. Cool
  3. Contrast

In my wall art, I used both warm and contrasting colors.


Cut the cardboard into an equilateral triangle. This is used as a template for our wall art.

Triangle size:  20 x 20 x 20 cm. (approx 8 x 8 x 8 inches)

wall art
Drawing an outline of a triangle.

Do not buy a new cardboard. Instead, you may have cardboard boxes from online shopping, lying around the house. Take it and use it here as a template. Do not throw it away.

wall art
Cut out the triangle.
Template ready for use!


Initially, sketch the triangles on the wall with pencils using the cardboard.

wall art diarytale
Outlining on the wall using the template.
wall art
After completing the outline.

After completing outlines, keep the cardboard aside. Now take a painter’s tape.

wall art
Pasting the painter’s tape.


Use a painter’s tape while painting to get a sharp-edged triangle.

 wall art
Painter’s tape on all sides of the triangle.

Paste the painter’s tape all along the borders and start painting.

wall art
Now no smudging or the paint goes out of the border.

You can reuse the tape again and again until the sticky side is dried up.

wall art
Reuse the tape after the paint on it dries!


If you choose a color, eg: red, paint that red color where ever you planned to have the red color. This helps you in preventing re-mixing colors all over again.

wall art
Start painting in the order you want. Here the triangle is left for drying.
wall art
After the removal of the tape.

You can play with paints by mixing different base colors, to get secondary colors as you need. Also, you can either increase or lighten the intensity of the color.

wall art ideas
I want to light violet color. So start mixing!
wall art diy
Mix violet with white paint to lighten.
colour palatte
Mix Mix Mix!!

After the paint is dried up, remove the tape slowly. Also, you can apply a sealant to protect your art from dust, etc.

wall art
Remove the tape, only after the paint is dried up!

Halfway through the process.

wall art
Halfway through the process.


wall art
The Final look of the wall art!

This is the final look of the wall art. Added some extra details like furniture too. The interesting fact is that they all are handmade. Except for the books!

wall art
With furniture! My Comfort zone!

The chair and stool are handmade. They are from a local shop.

Handmade chair!
Handmade side roundtable. aka “moda”!

Soft blue mat is handmade by my ammamma (grandmother).

wall art
Handmade mat!

This beautiful smocked cushion is handmade by my cousin Lawanya.

wall art
Beautiful handmade smocked cushion

The special occasion you were wondering about is, DIARYTALE‘s first-year anniversary! Yaay!! 

wall art
Geometric wall art!

Here is the youtube video of the progress of this wall art from scratch.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Comment me below, if you like and find this method easy or if you have any other ideas. Also, connect with us on social media. Links are given below.

*P.S. Thanks for those who showed continuous support via subscriptions & in social media.

Have a good day!




  1. Hi Preethi
    This looks really nice..i’m planning to do similar thing on an accent wall after reading through your instructions. Just have one query, is this durable? Do you need to seal this paint with a varnish or something? Will it peal off or stay strong?

    1. Hi Tarang, I hope you are doing well. Acrylic paints does not need any varnishes. They stay strong, even if you scratch it. If you are planning to repaint your entire wall later like after 2-5 years from now, prefer using “wall paint”. It can be easily removed by scrapping. Hope this helps! 🙂

      1. I’m doing pretty good. Thanks for asking. Great thought and idea. U go paint…paint…and paint!!! We’ll be here supporting u.:)

  2. I like this post very much becoz all the products u were used in this is handmade… Congrats @preethi anandan👍😘😍😇

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