Summers are always special. | Remembrance of good old summers.

It is summer already. Here in Tamilnadu (South India), the temperature roughly reaches 100℉ or 40℃ at times. Summers are usually so hot, and humid. Even though the summer heat is very rough, I loved summers. It reminds me of many good things since my childhood days. In this blog post, I am going to share a lot of beautiful memories, that summers have brought me. Hope you enjoy this post.


What is the first thing that comes to your mind, when you hear “summers”?

For me. It reminds many fun things like :

  • Jasmines
  • Mangoes
  • Children in the neighborhood start playing outdoors
  • School’s academic year gets over by summer.
  • Long holidays
  • Vacations
  • Grandparent’s house and so on…

And I am going to share about each and everything that relates me to summers. Let’s start, shall we?


Before you ask, “Yes, I am a 90’s kid. I grew up in an era, where there would be no fancy gadgets, cellphones, or laptops. So imagine how my summers will be!” 

From a very young age, it seems that I actually enjoyed summers so much than any other season. Mainly because of “Summer Holidays”, which is the only long holiday that one can get in any academic year (esp in TN). Final exams will get over by mid of April. And summer starts from April-June in TN. No homework, no projects, nothing. 

Even though I completed my school, so long ago, I get excited when April or May starts. Have you ever felt the same?


I felt summer, as an active month, since childhood. And I am still feeling the same. 

Why because, I have learned many new things mainly during summers. 

One reason is, each day is longer in summer than any other season. So we get so much time to do things and feel active all day. The other reason is we get long holidays and time to have fun and learn new things.


I learned gardening from my grandmother, whom I fondly call “ammamma”. Inspired by her work I started my garden. I gained so much knowledge from her. 

If you are interested in reading more about her gardening, I have already done a special blog post on her garden as a three-part series. Here is the link. Click to check out –

  1. Gardens tour Part 1.
  2. Ammamma’s Flower garden Part 2.
  3. Gardens around me Part 3.

Other than gardening, I have learned many new things such as 

  • riding a cycle, scooter,
  • Playing cards, 
  • shuttle or badminton, 
  • ludo, 
  • carrom, 
  • and some video games. 

The games which we played for hours on big old computers. Do you guys remember ‘road rash’? My favorite game. And also 

  • Dave, 
  • pinball, 
  • and Aladdin. 

Also, I got an opportunity to learn flying kites. 

And, Oh, How did I miss it? 

I actually, started reading books in one of the good old summers. And I still remember how I got transported to a new world just by sitting in the corner of a sofa, reading a book. 


Since the schools are closed, the entire routine will change. Obviously. From “auto” mode to “fun” mode. I think you get what I meant. From mundane, monotonous routine to fun, spontaneous days. And it will be so lovely. Only to us. Not to our parents. (haha, just kidding!)

Each day will not be the same. 

Waking up late without any worries about pending works left undone. Eating breakfast late, watching tv mostly Cartoon Network or Pogo. I will talk about our favorite tv shows later. 

At times helping mom. (I am so honest here, as I mentioned ‘at times’) And Taking late baths. Eating lunch or dinner with the whole family. In the afternoons, I and my sisters used to play till we are exhausted. 

Somedays, I liked to clean my space. Somedays, we used to get engaged in learning new activities like learning to tie flower garland, cycling, etc. The rest of the day will be spent watching tv. 

Oh, I almost forgot to add the important thing, Snacking. No days will spend without eating snacks and drinking juices like 

  • lime juice, 
  • very rarely tang or rasna. 
  • Ice tea
  • Tender coconut 

What is your favorite summer drink?


Watching Tv plays an important role in our everyday routine. Let me share a few of our favorite shows. 


We knew only 2 channels, “cartoon network” & “pogo” at a young age. In the later years “chutti tv” came, which is our local regional children channel. We used to spend a lot of hours just watching these channels without getting bored. (reminiscing those beautiful days).

Our favorite cartoons are

  • Tom and jerry
  • Scooby dooby doo
  • Popeye the sailor man 
  • Powerpuff girls
  • Dexter’s laboratory
  • Courage, the cowardly dog
  • Penguin
  • Johny bravo
  • The flintstones
  • The roadrunner
  • Dragon tales
  • Ben 10
  • Mr. Bean

Later we also enjoyed shows on chutti tv like, 

  • Jackie chan adventures
  • Godzilla

Tell me down, which is your favorite cartoon?

Tv shows 

Now, let us talk about our local series, which I never missed an episode in those days. These shows aired on Vijay tv, and Sun tv. Do you know about these serials?

  • Small wonder
  • Jee Boom Baa
  • Shakalaka boom boom
  • Thadaiyam
  • Vikramadityan
  • My dear butham
  • Marmadesam
  • Jenmam x

Phew. Just writing those lists, itself made me lost in thoughts. I got reminded of the title songs of each show and procrastinated a bit on youtube searching for these gems. 

Now back to the story.


For us, summer vacation means packing our bags and going to our grandparents’ home aka ‘paati veedu’. It is a meeting point, where we meet our cousins once or twice a year. 

We stay there for a while and will have a blast. This is pretty much how we spend our summers in our school days.

Grandparent’s home is always heaven for us. From eating different food, snacks, watching movies and playing together and what not?

Being there, we all look similar in one way. Oiled hair and strings of jasmines. Yes. My ammamma used to oil all our hair and braid them one by one. And she makes sure that all of us have pinned two to three strings of flowers in the braids. I miss this terribly. 


Talking about food and snacks, the word “summer” reminds me of  ‘mangoes’ and ‘watermelon’. Also, we used to have a lot of jackfruits. I hope everyone likes them. So, while we are in my ammamma’s home, we get fed with different snack items from

  • muruku, 
  • poli, 
  • puttu, 
  • thattai, 
  • uppu urundai, 
  • nungu, 
  • adai, etc. 

Just typing these food names, makes me drool. 


When two to three kids join together, they will have a blast. Then imagine what it would be if 7 kids join together. We were different. Yes. We thought we were so cool. Why because we used to invent new games, that no one heard before or played before.

Apart from snacking, watching cartoon and tv shows, we designed own games. We made our own rules and had fun playing them. Only till one of us gets bored and argues and we drop it there to find another new game.

I still remember playing with the swing, thinking it was an adventure ride. Wow. I just realized how creative we were. What is the coolest game you ever played in your childhood?


Time passed so quickly. As an adult, I still feel that summers are beautiful. Even today I enjoy eating mangoes and melons. I miss my good old summers. But still doing and learning something new and fun.

I did share my stories with summers. It is now your turn to share your fond memories of summers since your childhood. I can’t wait to see and read your stories.


I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did while writing this one. Since it went on and on, it was hard for me to stop at some point. It felt too difficult to cut out some parts as it was so long. So, do tell us, how you felt reading this post. Also, comment us if you like to see similar posts in the future.

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Summers are always special. | Remembrance of good old summers.

12 thoughts on “Summers are always special. | Remembrance of good old summers.

  1. Yenanga small wonder local series nu soltinga😅
    Aprm you missed oswald & noddy.
    Aprmmm penguin illa adhu “pingu”

    Idhaan na kandupuchadhu 😂😅

    1. Hello RK, Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Actually, I didn’t realize it was an American sitcom because it was telecasted on Vijai TV. I did not mention more cartoons because the list went on and on. So, I controlled myself from naming them. Thanks for noticing the mistakes 🙂

  2. This is superb! I had no idea a blog could make me realise my lovable childhood summer days!! I am so fortunate to have an blogger could make me feel refreshed!! Outstanding work!!!

  3. This blog got all our childhood memories. Totally impressed and felt those lovely memories. Such a good read!

    1. Feeling really happy to see your comment, Ashwathi. Yes, this blog brought many good memories while writing. Those good old summers 🙂

    1. Thank you, Swathi 🙂 I loved more cartoons like Noddy, Oswald, Thomas the train, and so on. Since the list went on and on, I stopped myself. Feeling great to see your comment.

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