Mini Stationery Haul 2020 + My Favourite art store.

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I hope you are all doing well. It’s been a long time since I uploaded a new blog. I have been down for quite a while, waiting for a good post to share. Amidst all the bad vibes and lockdowns, I am really happy to receive a stationery package from my favorite art store, here in Chennai. And this blog is all about a mini stationery haul and where I get my stuff.

From the recent videos on youtube, some of you have asked, where I am purchasing all my art supplies. I have a list of my favorite art stores, both online and physical stores. One of them is the Hindustan Trading Company. I recently shopped in their online store. I thought the package would arrive late due to the lockdown situation. But to my surprise, it came early.

If you are a stationery addict like me. I have written a blog post on How to buy art supplies on a budget?  for you. (click the title to read the post) If you are interested, do check out. I have shared my tips on my own experience, which I use every time.

My Favourite Art store.

I am almost lost on the Hindustan Trading Company’s website for more than an hour, drooling over all the stuff they had, though I was needing only watercolor papers. By the way, this is not a sponsored post. I personally like them, so sharing it with my readers. So, the website is  Go check out if you are interested. 

They are having a wide range of art supplies. Also, there are always some discounts and clearance sales going on. They have A to Z materials for watercolors, acrylics, oil, pastes, calligraphy, etc. The site has almost all the price ranges from the most affordable to the expensive ones. 

What I bought aka Mini Stationery Haul. 

Now, let us see what I bought this time. Also, I have mentioned the prices of each item along with it.

  • Watercolor Paper

I was running out of watercolor papers. So first I bought 300 gsm/140 lb A4 size papers. I wanted to try a new brand this time, so I gave a hand to the Art store’s paper brand.  It is a fine-grained, white toned one. Worked fine for me. I like it. The price is ₹135.

Stationery haul
Watercolor paper
  • Paint Brushes

Next, I bought some synthetic paintbrush. I use them for both watercolors and acrylics. This time I got Camlin brushes. Price – ₹185

Stationery haul
Synthetic Paintbrushes
  • Metal Box + Empty pan

 I always wanted to set my color palette and store in a box, so that it saves my time from mixing the colors again and again. I finally got one set from Hindustan. This is very much affordable. The cost for both pans and box is ₹381

Metal pallet box

We can separate all the pans from the box and also we can rearrange it.

stationery haul
metal box+pans
  • Varnish spray

This spray that varnishes and protects our paintings from dust and fading is ₹250. I generally use it for my acrylic works. 

So that is all from my recent art supplies shopping. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. Also, If you have any topics in particular that you want me to discuss, leave it in the comment section below. 

I have attached a video of my previous stationery haul, in case you are interested. 

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Mini Stationery Haul 2020 + My Favourite art store.

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