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Last Friday, I finally went to The Chennai’s Iconic Pallavaram Market. It was crowded, busy and noisy as usual like a normal farmers market. I was quite amused by the range of things the market has. This market has different things for sale from a needle to a sofa. I went there particularly to buy plants and manure for my garden. Accordingly, in this post, let’s see more about this interesting place and at the end, I will share what I bought from this market. So stick with me till the end.

pallavaram market
Flowers from Pallavaram market


Formerly, the place was called as Cattle market” aka “மாட்டு சந்தை (mattu sandhai), where only cattle are placed for sale. In later days, the market has been slowly developed and has almost all the needs of the customers. The Chennai’s iconic Pallavaram Market is almost 180 years old. This market is still a favorite spot for shopping for many people all over TamilNadu. “The market has all the things for sale except a girl for marriage!”, says the old man selling different plant seeds. He says he is selling seeds and plants in this market for almost 10 years. This market is roughly spread for 2 km which starts from the morning around 8 am and wraps up by the night 10 pm. This market is only opened on Fridays. Do you know why?

Pallavaram Friday market
Exotic plants in the Pallavaram Friday market

Why Fridays?

The Pallavaram market is opened only on Fridays. Why? For this question comes an interesting answer. Let’s jump a little back in time to the Nawab’s era. Nawabs are the ones who ruled Arcot and they had some palaces in Madras too. As Fridays are the Day of Feast for the Nawabs, they bought cattle and meat in large amount on Fridays, which effectively increased the sales and the economy of the seller those days. This encouraged the sellers and traders to open their shops on Fridays. Since then, this market is opened only on Fridays.

Best places for trading Second-hand goods!

This market is the best place for buying second-hand electronics items. Even you can get the spare parts for different items. Did you remember when floods hit Chennai back in 2015? That time the people who were affected by the flood, who lost their electronics either damaged or soaked in flood came to this market and sold most of their things with some good deals. Even the damaged goods were sold and the people who bought it said that they are buying the damaged goods for their spare parts.  

Do you know what are the shops I saw in that market?


I will list out some of the items that different shops in that market sold. In the entrance, I saw a mini nursery like shops on both sides of the market road that sold all things that are required for gardening.

  1. Seeds of different plant, fruits, and flower varieties.
  2. Tree saplings, flowering plants, vegetables
  3. Manures, Organic compost
  4. Grow bags, pots
  5. Gardening tools
pallavaram friday market
Some funny conversation happened on that day (part -1). Me: can I take a picture of your flowers for my blog? Seller: Well, it costs around 100 bucks per snap. Me: what? Seller: Haha, just kidding! First-time visit ah? Me: yes! (The Killadi seller).

Then I saw a farmers market kind of shops lined up on the sides of the road. Those market sold almost all kinds of vegetables, fruits and meat, seafood and other groceries at the lowest price ever. Those markets sold

  1. Fresh vegetables
  2. Different fruits
  3. Exotic flowers
  4. Dried herbs, spices
  5. Cereals, pulses
  6. Flowers
  7. Bakery biscuits and
  8. Other groceries.
Pallavaram sandhai
Funny conversations (part -2 ) Seller: Hello, buy some fresh tomatoes for dinner? Me: No thanks. Seller: Don’t hesitate. They are so fresh. Me: Please. no thanks. Seller: Ok buy na? 15rs/kg. Only for you. Come, buy it. Me in mind, while slowly walking away: Wow, the woman (seller) herself bargaining with me and decreasing the price. Does it work like this too? (The Bargaining Seller).

When we walk a little further, there comes the shop with interesting things, which I never expected and literally grabbed my attention. The shops sold

  1. Vintage items like old coins, old badges, stamps
  2. An old typewriter, vintage telescope.
  3. Very old paintings, mirrors, lanterns

Walking little further I saw shops selling,

  1. Iron tools, Tawas, pans
  2. Knives of different kinds
  3. Construction tools
  4. Clothes
  5. Deodorants, perfumes
  6. Belts and shoes
  7. Furniture, sofas
  8. Cupboards.

Some shops sold some electronics as a Second hand or for their spare parts like

  1. Old CDs
  2. Damaged and old Mobiles, laptops
  3. Old TVs ranging from the vintage fat TV to LCD flat screens.
  4. ACs for second hands sale

Finally the animal’s zone

  1. Pet animals from fishes to dogs
  2. All the requirements for the pets like food, little cages, etc
  3. Hens, chickens, goats for meat too.
pallavaram market
Interesting succulent pieces on sale!


  1. Don’t go alone – If you are going to buy things on a larger amount or many items, do not prefer to go alone. As you cannot lift all the items you bought, alone. Also, the parking area is a little further from the shopping area. Instead, go with family or friends. They will help you to lift things and help in bargaining.
  2. Don’t hesitate to Bargain! – You may get things cheaper or for a good deal when you bargain with the sellers. So, try to develop the bargaining skills.
  3. Bring Bags – Carry jute bags or any other bags on your own to avoid the plastic covers from the sellers.
  4. Wear flip-flops You have to walk to explore the entire market and it will be crowd too. So prefer wearing flats, flip-flops or shoes whichever comfortable for the good shopping experience.
  5. Check the Quality Always inspect the items for its quality, before you buy. There may be some fraud too selling quality-less products at a high cost. Also, you should not expect a guarantee or warranty.
  6. Prefer to go in odd timings – To avoid crowds, try to go to the markets either early in the morning or in the afternoons. Because, in the evening or at the peak times, the market will be very crowded and busy.

Ok, it’s time for the haul! Are you excited to know what I bought from this market?


I went to the market specifically to buy things for my garden. And I got some good deals too. Ok, I bought a few plants and manures.

I bought this pink Ixora plant for just Rs.40/-

Pallavaram market
My favorite from the haul! Look at the color? How beautiful!

And I bought two roses, one in pink and one in red. Those two together for Rs.50/-

Pallavaram market
Two plants for Just Rs.50/- (0.72 USD)

This button rose is for about Rs.80/-

Lovely Button rose. (my second favorite from the haul)

I got this coco peat which will expand on adding water for Rs.100/- per cube.

Pallavaram market
Coco peat.

Also the vermicompost of 5kgs just for Rs.50/-

pallavaram market
Vermicompost at cheaper rate!

Now the address and the timing of this market for you guys.


Pallavaram Friday Market,

Arumalai Chavadi,

Pallavaram, Chennai,

Tamil Nadu.

Pincode: 600043.


The market opens only on FRIDAYS.

From 8 am to 10 pm.

I hope this post is interesting and useful for you guys. Comment below how you like this post and, do write to me if you have ever visited this market before. 

Finally, a big thanks to my brother Shankar, who introduced this market to me. If you are reading this, thank you so much. We had a good time exploring a new place!

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Have a good day!

Pallavaram Friday market | Shopping in Pallavaram sandhai | Shopping Tips

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  1. i just want to know that, how much is cost to sell my products in pallavaram market, is there any token system running to rent the area to sell my own products?

    1. Hi Manoj, I am not sure whether they charge us to sell our products in that market. Better, check the market personally, you will get some idea.

    1. Hi Pratyusha! I am so glad that you liked the post. Regarding bargains, as you said, 3/4th will be the ideal start.

      Thanks for taking your time to comment back! Have a good day!!

  2. Now oly im knowing these type of markets…. I searched for long days…. Thank u diarytale to post thz message… I want more post abt gardens nd their maintance… 😊😊Gud job… Carry on @DT

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