How to make an Origami Heart?


Papercraft Series 01: ORIGAMI SHAPES

Episode – 02

After successfully making an origami cube, I thought I conquered all techniques of origami and was badly wanting to make cranes, cool dragons, etc. My sister just laughed at me and showed the next shape, yelling “BASICS FIRST!”. So, here we go.

how to make an origami heart
Easy origami heart.

Hi guys, welcome back. Here is the second episode of “Origami series”. In the last episode, we learned how to make a simple origami cube. If you missed that post, here is the link –

Episode 1 – Origami cube.

Episode 3 – Origami Star.

Now, in this episode, we are going to learn, how to make a 3D origami heart with simple step by step instructions. For those who love watching video tutorials, there is a video linked at the end.


You just need some patience, paper, and scissors.

origami heart
The only tool required for this project – PAPER.

Steps to make a 3D origami Heart.


     1. Take a long rectangular paper strip. I have taken, 3.5cm x 34cm paper (1 x 13 inches).

Origami heart
Rectangular paper stripe.

Note – The size of the heart varies depending on the size of the rectangular strip.


     2. In one end of the strip, fold the paper diagonally. This forms a triangular fold.

how to make an origami heart?
Start folding into triangles from one end.

     3. Now, refold the triangular fold, diagonally.

Origami heart
Fold.. fold.. fold.

     4. Continue folding the triangle diagonally, in a criss-cross motion.

Origami heart
Fold… fold.. fold.

     5. When you reach the last piece to fold in the paper strip, fold the piece diagonally, opposite to the triangle.

how to make an origami heart?
Fold the last piece diagonally opposite to the triangle.

     6. Now, insert the last piece into the “pocket” of the triangle.

Origami shapes
Insert the last fold into the pocket.

     7. So, now all the hard steps are done.  At this step, you will have a triangular piece of paper.

origami shapes
At this stage, you will have a triangle.

     8. Now slightly trim two ends of the triangle, to get the rounded edge of the heart.

Origami heart.
Trim two ends of the triangle.

     9. Gently push down the middle of the top edge of the triangle. This will puff up the triangle and also form a beautiful crease in the center.   

Origami heart
Press in the center of the top edge of the triangle to form a crease.

     10. Voila, your 3D origami heart is done!

Origami heart – done!

If you find this post on origami heart interesting, share with others. Or if you learned to make, then teach your kids or friends this simple craft. Here is a video tutorial for those who love watching videos. 

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How to make an Origami Heart?

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