Meera, Sanga and Mewar by Jyoti Jafa | A breif Book Review | Spoiler-free

Hey folks! Welcome back to the reader’s corner. We are back with brand new book reviews for this year. In this blog post, I would like to review a different book that has been there in my to-be-read list for quite some time! And the book is,



The book MEERA, SANGA, and MEWAR is written by Jyoti Jafa that is a remarkable story of a brave Rajput princess and her legendary devotion. It is an Indian fiction novel, and Roli Books published it. The author’s other works are Nurjahan, Really, your highness, and Royal Rajputana.

How did I land on this book?

Firstly, I found this book through the Instagram post of one of my favorite bookstagrammer. The cover of the book itself intrigued me the most. So, it was there in my TBR pile for quite some time. Later, to outcome the reading slump, I chose this book, and it did its work excellently. Also, I wanted to entertain myself by reading more about the bhakti saint of the 16th century whom I read in my history book back in 9th grade.

THE STORYLINE of Meera, Sanga and Mewar.

The story revolves around three main characters – Meera Bai, a mystic poet, brave Rajput princess, Mewar’s crown prince Bhoj raj, and Rana Sanga of Mewar, a chivalrous ruler. How these three humans cross their paths in the others’ lives and the aftermath is the story in a nutshell.


As said earlier, the part of the book that intrigued me the most was the cover page. I felt it connected with Meera’s character. So, I decided to read the novel about the not-so-popular soul but slightly omnipresent in the back of people’s hearts whose bhajans are still sung in many temples. Secondly, I like the captivating lines at the beginning of the novel from the Bhagavad Gita that conveys the universal truth.

If you think it is a book entirely about the spiritual bonding between Meera Bai and Lord Krishna, it is not, rather it is a story that tells the life of Rajput princess Meera who happens to have divine power by birth. Her early life and marriage to the crown prince of Mewar, Bhoj Raj, and her relationship with her father-in-law Rana Sanga of Mewar.

At first, I felt a little disappointed, or I would say I felt dismayed. Because I wrongly judged this beautiful book later, I felt astonished at how the story flowed. The relationship and the understanding level between the three main protagonists are impossibly mesmerizing!

This book depicts how the Hindustan rulers fight in their way to send back the Mughal invaders. It was inspiring to read about how they faced all personal and public losses, yet they fought chivalrously.

So, Dear readers, if you want to read historical fiction, Meera, Sanga, and Mewar by Joyti Jafa will be a fine choice. I highly recommend this book for an afternoon read.

Happy reading!


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Meera, Sanga and Mewar by Jyoti Jafa | A breif Book Review | Spoiler-free

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