How to buy art supplies on a budget?

If you are a beginner trying to buy new art supplies? Are you feeling that the stationeries are too costly? You cannot afford it? Then, this post is for you. Read further to learn more about how to buy art supplies on a budget.

how to buy art supplies on a budget
That’s me buying art supplies.

When I was a beginner, I use to feel the same as the art supplies are expensive. I have skipped buying them, many times. Like ways, there are times where I felt bad after buying some art supplies as I do not use them or need them. I have also regretted wasting money on some stationeries as I bought them in bulk. If you are in any of this situation, I got you. Here are some of the ideas where you can save your money on buying stationeries.



1. Always make a list before heading out for shopping.

Getting ready to hit the art store? Remember to make a list of items you need to buy. Because the art stores are heavenly and you might get lost in different products and you might forget to buy the things for what you came to the art store.


Make a list!


It just takes a couple of minutes to write down the things you need. So do not skip this step. Or you can take a note of it on your phone.

2. Restocking? Take a note on the product no to buy the specific product.

Are you worried about buying different blue markers thinking that they are the same as you used before? Or similarly, if you are heading to restock the products that have run out of inks or dried up? If you want to buy the exact same supplies from a particular brand and if you keep forgetting the color name or forgetting to bring the products to the art store? Do not worry.

art supplies
Take a note on the product number.

Every art supplies will have a specific product code mentioned on its body or package. Take a note of it.  Or take a picture of the art supplies that you going to buy. This will reduce wasting money on buying the wrong products.

3. Try Samples before buying things in bulk.

If you trying to use new art supplies for the first time and are they expensive? Or in case if you are buying supplies in bulk? Worried about what if the products are wrong for you? Or What if you are not satisfied with the products?

art supplies
Many options are available to purchase.

In this case, try the product’s samples before buying in bulk. So that you know how the product will be. Whether they are perfect for you or not. In this way, you can save your money.

4. Carry a small notepad or paper in hand to test/try new supplies.

I used to carry my sketchbook to the art store because I always prefer scribbling pens or markers or color pencils before buying them. And also it helps to choose the products that are right for me like markers that are not bleeding heavily on my sketchbook, good blending color pencils, etc.

art supplies
Carry a small notepad or rough paper to art stores.

So try carrying small notepads or papers to the art stores and try them before buying.

5. Prefer alternatives.

If you are interested in buying good quality products in the long run, Save some money and always prefer buying the best-branded supplies. Brands like Faber Castell, Winsor & Newton, Strathmore, etc.


If you are testing supplies like watercolor paints, brushes, papers, markers, etc for the first time? Or if you feel the branded products are on the high end and you cannot afford?

Different brands at the art store.

Prefer alternatives or duplicates. Also, you can prefer Student grade art supplies, which will save a lot of money. Some alternate products available in the market are mostly similar to the high end branded products but differ slightly in the quality.

6. Learn to use and maintain the art supplies.

Saving money on art supplies does not stop buying. There is another thing which will save you from your expenses in the long run. That is “MAINTAINING”.

Learn to use before buying.

Let us have a situation. If you are buying a paintbrush worth Rs. 5000/- or 70$. Assume the products are branded ones and if you do not know how to use the brush properly or how to maintain the product, let us say you left the paintbrush to sit on the water cup for days, the brush will be ruined. Now you have to buy them again.

In this case, you if learn to use the brush properly and to maintain after the usage, you would have saved a lot of money. So it is necessary to learn to use and maintain the products properly.

7. Seek help from the shop attendees or the internet.

If you are new to the art stores and supplies, ask the shop attendees for help or to guide you on what to buy. They will help you to grab the things you wanted quickly. In some stores, the attendees will know more about the products and its usage, in such cases get some knowledge about the supplies.

8. Think before you buy it.

Always ask yourself “Is this product really necessary for you?” Before buying any supplies. This will reduce wasting money on buying unnecessary items remarkably. So, grab the product that is tempting you to buy, think for a second and decide.

9. Use coupons, discounts, and seasonal offers.

There is a great option available in all art stores and online shops. And that is “DISCOUNTS”. Keep following the online art stores for coupon codes and seasonal offers.

how to buy art supplies on a budget
I always save money to purchase branded supplies.

For eg, during Christmas and New Year, there will be discounts on almost all art supplies. If any brand you love is expensive, at times they will offer some coupon codes and discounts on their supplies. Also, sometimes they will offer some giveaways. So have an eye on their social media accounts to get to know about it. Use such festive times wisely.

Also, if you are a regular customer, or if you are a student, ask for some discounts while paying bills. There are some stores that would consider you and offer some discounts.

10. Support Local Art stores & Small business.

Always try to buy from your local art stores. If you know anyone starting a small stationery business, support them. When you are Buying/supporting a small business, you are supporting a dream & an actual person does a little happy dance.

Bonus Point!

In case you bought a wrong or damaged product or if you are not satisfied after buying it, do not hesitate to ask the shop owner or attendees whether there is any way to exchange the products. If they allow you to exchange, then relax and save more.

Art stores are my favorites.

*Ps – All these tips are based on my own experience. If you have any ideas or tips, do mention in the comment section below.

So, these are some of the tips on buying stationery on a budget. I hope this post is useful to you. If you like this post or have any words, comment below. If you are not an artist, share this blog post to anyone you know who would love knowing these tips.

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How to buy art supplies on a budget?

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