Are you a parent of a toddler? Then gifting them this Faber-Castell connector pen is the best option. Spend some quality time with them to see who is better creative and innovative. Read ahead to see some cool ideas.


(Part 1)

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When was the last time, you behaved childishly? Did you feel the inner child within you? You had fun, laughter, happiness over silly things like you had in your childhood? Have you played any games like a Lego in recent times, which you loved in childhood? Do not worry! This post is not about advice. But only the fun we had while building some interesting models with Faber-Castell Connector Sketch Pens.

connector pen
Faber-Castell Connector sketch pens.


Building models in groups always bring us lots of fun and laughter. If you are a parent of a toddler, or if you have young siblings, try to play with them or help to do their projects. You will have a lot of fun. I remember how my parents helped me in doing my school projects. Trust me!

It is really fun and interesting if we do things together as a group, as we learn something new from them or we teach them something effortless.

Go, grab your connector sketch pen pack and start building models with us.

Connector sketch pens.

We built 10 interesting models using the Faber-Castell connector sketch pens. We are sharing 5 models briefly, in this post and the rest in the following post.

The models are:

  • Pen Stand.
  • Tropical dense forest
  • Fort
  • A minimalist house
  • Well.

We built these models using 25 connector pens only. So it is simple and easy to create. Try it and reply us which is your favorite one.


Requirements for building models

For building the models, we need,


Let’s get into the models.


The very first idea, we had when we opened the pack is a Pen stand. This model is very easy. Even if you are done using the pens, instead of tossing it away, you can have a colorful pen stand on your table.

Pen stand

Here are the steps to make this colorful pen stand

Connect all the pens.

Attach all the pens together and bring both ends together to form a roll.

Form a pen roll.
Pen roll.

*Note: This is a pen roll. I will be using the term later in this story.

Trace the size of the pen stand on a cardboard.

Then place a cardboard at one end and roughly trace it along the roll. Later draw a circle using a compass that matches the rough trace.

models using connector pen
Paste the cardboard to the bottom, forming the base of the pen stand.

Cut the cardboard along the circle drawn. Using a double-sided tape or glue, attach the cardboard to the pen roll.

models using Faber-Castell connector pens
Pen stand, done!

Now your pen stand is ready to hold your pens and scissors. It can also be used to hold spoons, straws, etc,


This model was very interesting for us. We discussed different trees, its shapes and about the patterns to fill the outlines we made. I like the tropical forest for some reason. Recalling the memories of studying a variety of forests in geography class.

Tropical dense forest!
Let us build the forest!

To make this model, first, take a paper and draw the outlines of the tree and fill it with different patterns.

Draw the outlines of different trees.

This will be more fun as we competed with each other to fill the outlines with our patterns. You can customise the patterns as you like.

Basic outlines of different trees.
forest models
Add a continuous sketch for bushes and grass.

Since we are going for the dense forest look, we also had a continuous sketch of bushes and grass. After complete filling patterns now cut the outlines.

forest model
Faber-Castell connector sketch pen.

Now, take another paper or cardboard, and fill it with brown color. This forms the floor of the forest.

faber-castell models
Forest floor.

Now, connect the sketch pens and stick it to the one end of the forest floor.

building models using faber-castell pens
Connect some sketch pens for a dense forest look.

Place the bushes to the bottom line and stick to it.

models built using faber-castell pens
Paste the bushes at the bottom line of the pens.

Cut off the extra bushes and save it for later. Paste the ‘tree heads’ randomly at the top of the sketches.

Faber-castell models
Add tree heads to the sketch pens at the top.

Place the Faber-Castell connector pens on the forest floor and stick it using double-sided tape or glue. Stick the different tree heads that we filled with different patterns randomly on the top of the connector pens. Glue the extra bushes at the bottom of the pens.

forest model
Do the same to the pens that are randomly fixed to the forest floor.

Now it’s time for messing up. Take some sand and stones for extra details. Spread the sand uniformly along the floor, so it looks natural.

Tropical dense forest, done!

Then place the stones that resemble rocks in the forest. The final look of my favourite tropical dense forest.


After watching a lot of Disney movies, it is no wonder how we ended up with this idea.

A simple fort.

This model is very simple. Attach the row of 4 Faber-Castell connector pens at both the ends of the pen roll and place a cone-shaped paper in the top of the pen roll.

Add a paper cone as a dome and a flag for more detailed look.

A simple colorful fort is ready.

Fort, done!


Simple Model using Faber-Castell connector sketch pens.

The one model, which we liked very much is this cute little well. We all easily approved, how this model came up with its beautiful look.

fun models
Adding bobbin case and a thread gives more realism.

For pulley, we attached the sewing machine bobbin case. For rope, we used the woolen thread.

Well, ready!


A very simple idea we came out with, is this minimalist home. We get to remember, how we built a home in lego sets, using books, cards, and even pillows.

simple models using faber castell
Minimalist house.

Attach the pen in “u” shape. Draw the design of the front of the house in a paper with a small cardboard strip attached to the door. Stick this paper to the connector pen assembled in u-shape.

Connect the pens as shown.
Now attach the pens connected, into u-shape.

Fold and refold a cardboard or a colored paper to get the crease and place it on the top. Add some stones as a pathway. Finally, a simple home is ready.

Draw the front design of the house as you wish.
faber castell
Paste the design to the front of the pens connected.
Place a cardboard above to complete it.

And this model completes the first part. Hope you all enjoyed reading how we made this model. Stay tuned for even more interesting models, that is coming soon in the next post.

Comment us, which one is your favorite model among them. Also, share your creative models and stories with us via social media.

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