Hi, Welcome to Diarytale.

I am Preethi Anandan, living in Tamil Nadu, India. I am an engineering graduate, interested in gardening and photography. Also, I love traveling and narrating stories. Other obsessions are painting and illustrating.

From a young age, I love to see the plants growing each day. It gives me an immense pleasure to see a flower blooming. I learned the art of gardening from my mother and grandmother. Here, I love to share with you guys the tips and tricks in gardening, I learned from them. I am very fond of traveling to different destinations. Each time I travel, I come back home with beautiful memories. Either it is a short travel like an hour from home or abroad. Of late, I am obsessed with painting and illustrating. So I found this idea of writing a blog for collaborating all my passion in one single place.

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Diary Tale narrates all the joy of watching a plant grow from its seeds, stories of fun-filled exploration of new places, ideas behind my illustrations, many other things. So come join and enjoy with us.

For business queries, contact me via info@diarytale.com or diarytale@gmail.com.

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