Newsletter 02 – Updates.

Hey guys, I hope you all have enjoyed the story in the podcast section. If you did not check that out, Click here- Story/podcast.

Now let me share some Diarytale’s updates.

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  • On YouTube, we have hit 300 Subscribers. Our family is growing slowly and steadily. Finally into 300s now.
  • To turn on the monetization, we have to reach 1000 subscribers. So share a word about our Diarytale channel to your friends and family. Let us hit 1000 soon.


  • Thank you so much! We have gained a good response to our last newsletter.
  • I am very happy! Most of you have sent me some personal messages, lots of feedbacks. I’m overwhelmed by your support.
  • Hereafter, only subscribers can access the stories. It is very simple. Just enter your email address. Boom, you are done! You will be a subscriber. You can access our newsletter, enjoy our story and updates, anytime, anywhere! and it’s totally free.

About the Story in the Podcast section

The story is not mine. It was adapted from a book, I will share about it in the next newsletter. I used to read this kind of stories in my childhood a lot. Guess its climax. It will be fun and interesting. If you have any suggestion, feel free to write to me at [email protected] If you have/read any interesting stories, do share with me.

Ok, that is it for today’s update. So, enjoy the story. See you in the next one!

Have a good day!


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